BD91xx Series

High Efficiency Current Mode Switching Regulators

Rohm Semiconductor (Passive)

This tutorial will provide an overview of ROHM’s BD91xx family of switching regulators including their advantages and the options available.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFunctionOutput ConfigurationAvailable QuantityBuy Now
BD9130EFJ-E2IC REG BUCK SYNC ADJ 2A 8HTSOPStep-DownPositive4769 - Immediate
BD9109FVM-TRIC REG BUCK SYNC 3.3V 0.8A 8MSOPStep-DownPositive4831 - Immediate
BD9106FVM-TRIC REG BUCK SYNC ADJ 0.8A 8MSOPStep-DownPositive5454 - Immediate
BD9104FVM-TRIC REG BUCK SYNC 3.3V 0.9A 8MSOPStep-DownPositive4577 - Immediate
BD9107FVM-TRIC REG BUCK SYNC ADJ 1.2A 8MSOPStep-DownPositive3001 - Immediate
BD9134MUV-E2IC REG BUCK SYNC 3.3V 3A 20VQFNStep-DownPositive3213 - Immediate
BD9111NV-E2IC REG BUCK SYNC 3.3V 2A 8SONStep-DownPositive5251 - Immediate
BD9130NV-E2IC REG BUCK SYNC ADJ 2A 8SONStep-DownPositive7321 - Immediate
BD9110NV-E2IC REG BUCK SYNC ADJ SON008V5060Step-DownPositive3846 - Immediate
BD9132MUV-E2IC REG BUCK SYNC ADJ 3A 20VQFNStep-DownPositive2453 - Immediate
BD9102FVM-TRIC REG BCK SYNC 1.24V 0.8A 8MSOPStep-DownPositive2957 - Immediate
BD9120HFN-TRIC REG BUCK SYNC ADJ 0.8A 8HSONStep-DownPositive52 - Immediate
BD9122GUL-E2IC REG BUCK SYNC ADJ 0.3A 8WLCSPStep-DownPositive2708 - Immediate
BD9141MUV-E2IC REG BUCK SYNC ADJ 2A 20VQFNStep-DownPositive2040 - Immediate
BD9152MUV-E2IC REG BUCK SYNC 1.5A DL 20VQFNStep-DownPositive2246 - Immediate
BD9161FVM-TRIC REG BUCK SYNC ADJ 0.6A 8MSOPStep-DownPositive978 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2012-01-13