Reduced Power Loss

H-Bridge Drivers for DC Brush Motors

Rohm Semiconductor (Passive)

This tutorial provides an overview of ROHM’s BD62xx family of H-bridge DC brush motor drivers including their operation, features available, and benefits of use.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMotor Type - AC, DCAvailable QuantityBuy Now
BD6211F-E2IC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 8SOPBrushed DC7502 - Immediate
BD6220F-E2IC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 8SOPBrushed DC2662 - Immediate
BD6221F-E2IC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 8SOPBrushed DC12549 - Immediate
BD6231F-E2IC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 8SOPBrushed DC11203 - Immediate
BD6232FP-E2IC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 25HSOPBrushed DC2343 - Immediate
BD6222FP-E2IC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 25HSOPBrushed DC4328 - Immediate
BD6212FP-E2IC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 25HSOPBrushed DC3693 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2012-01-13