IC Ambient Light Sensor WSOF6

Ambient Light Sensors

Rohm Semiconductor (Passive)

This tutorial will introduce Rohm's analog output ambient light sensor, the BH1600FVC, as well as the digital output version, the BH1710FVC.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeWavelengthAvailable QuantityBuy Now
BH1603FVC-TRIC AMBIENT LIGHT SENSOR 6-WSOFAmbient560nm2284 - Immediate
BH1715FVC-TRIC AMBIENT LIGHT SENSOR 6-WSOFAmbient560nm5579 - Immediate
BH1600FVC-TRIC AMBIENT LIGHT SENSOR WSOF6Ambient560nm1516 - Immediate
BH1710FVC-TRIC AMBIENT LIGHT SENSOR WSOF6Ambient560nm4733 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2012-01-09