DC/DC Converters in High Temperature Environments


This tutorial will discuss the struggles engineers have choosing the best DC/DC converter for high temperature environments without losing board space or wasting power.  The RECOM PowerlinePlus series offers huge benefits in comparison to conventional DC/DC converters in high temperature environments.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingTypeNumber of OutputsAvailable Quantity
RPP20-2412DW datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 20W DUAL +/-12V OUTRPP20-2412DWCONV DC/DC 20W DUAL +/-12V OUTTubeIsolated Module2119 - Immediate
RPP20-2412DW product page link
RPP30-2412SW datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 30W SNGL 12V OUTRPP30-2412SWCONV DC/DC 30W SNGL 12V OUTTubeIsolated Module193 - Immediate
RPP30-2412SW product page link
RPP30-2405SW datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 30W SNGL 5V OUTRPP30-2405SWCONV DC/DC 30W SNGL 5V OUTTubeIsolated Module167 - Immediate
RPP30-2405SW product page link
RPP20-2412SW datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 20W SNGL 12V OUTRPP20-2412SWCONV DC/DC 20W SNGL 12V OUTTubeIsolated Module127 - Immediate
RPP20-2412SW product page link
RPP20-2405SW datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 20W SNGL 5V OUTRPP20-2405SWCONV DC/DC 20W SNGL 5V OUTTubeIsolated Module12 - Immediate
RPP20-2405SW product page link
RPP50-2405S datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 50W SNGL 5V OUTRPP50-2405SCONV DC/DC 50W SNGL 5V OUTTubeIsolated Module10RPP50-2405S product page link
RPP50-2412S datasheet linkCONV DC/DC 50W SNGL 12V OUTRPP50-2412SCONV DC/DC 50W SNGL 12V OUTTubeIsolated Module10RPP50-2412S product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-03