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This training module will give a briefing on the function of EMI filters and define what EMI is and its effects, as well as providing the methods to better choose the correct Qualtek Electronics EMI Filter for various applications.

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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
858-10/015FILTER POWER LINE EMI 10A PNL MT1354 - Immediate
2295 - Factory Stock
860-04/014MODULE PWR ENTRY DBL FUSE 4A PNL2514 - Immediate
576 - Factory Stock
862-06/003MODULE POWER FLTR FUSE 6-4A SNAP814 - Immediate
862-06/002MODULE PWR FILTR FUSE/SP 6A SNAP279 - Immediate
880-06/006MOD POWER ENTRY FUSE HLDR 6A PNL332 - Immediate
858-03/007FILTER POWER LINE EMI 3A PNL MT373 - Immediate
851-03/004FILTER POWER LINE EMI WIRE 3A121 - Immediate
851-05/005FILTER POWER LINE EMI FAST ON 5A257 - Immediate
851-05/006FILTER POWER LINE EMI WIRE 5A535 - Immediate
860-02/001MODULE POWER ENTRY FUSE 2A PNL197 - Immediate
480 - Factory Stock
860-06/005MODULE POWER ENTRY FUSE 6A PNL132 - Immediate
862-06/007MODULE MULTI-FUNCTION 6A SNAP322 - Immediate
390 - Factory Stock
880-03/005MOD POWER ENTRY FUSE HLDR 3A PNL114 - Immediate
864-10/011MOD PWR ENTRY MULT-FUNCT 10A PNL457 - Immediate
1040 - Factory Stock
864-10/009MOD PWR ENTRY MULT-FUNCT 10A PNL314 - Immediate
380 - Factory Stock
858-10/022FILTER POWER LINE EMI 10A PNL MT177 - Immediate
869-06/007FILTER POWER LINE EMI 6A SNAP312 - Immediate
869-10/008FILTER POWER LINE EMI 10A SNAP213 - Immediate
848-10/003FILTER POWR LINE EMI FAST ON 10A108 - Immediate
170 - Factory Stock
880-01/004MOD POWER ENTRY FUSE HLDR 1A PNL104 - Immediate
850-20/004FILTER POWR LINE EMI FAST ON 20A85 - Immediate
848-06/002FILTER POWER LINE EMI FAST ON 6A59 - Immediate
851-20/011FILTER POWER LINE EMI STUD 20A47 - Immediate
860-10/024MODULE POWER ENTRY SW 10A PANEL74 - Immediate
864-03/001MOD PWR ENTRY MULTI-FUNCT 3A PNL8 - Immediate
880-06/003MOD POWER ENTRY FUSE HLDR 6A PNL74 - Immediate
858-06/011FILTER POWER LINE EMI 6A PNL MT38 - Immediate
850-03/001FILTER POWER LINE EMI FAST ON 3A120 - Immediate
850-10/003FILTER POWR LINE EMI FAST ON 10A54 - Immediate
849-10/003FILTER POWR LINE EMI FAST ON 10A56 - Immediate
883-10/016MOD PWR ENTRY FUSE HLDR PNL 10A81 - Immediate
120 - Factory Stock
883-10/018MOD PWR ENTRY FUSE HLDR PNL 10A56 - Immediate
860-04/002MODULE POWER ENTRY FUSE 4A PNL76 - Immediate
90 - Factory Stock
849-20/004FILTER POWR LINE EMI FAST ON 20A15 - Immediate
32 - Factory Stock
883-03/001MOD PWR ENTRY FUSE HLDR PNL 3A17 - Immediate
60 - Factory Stock
851-03/003FILTER POWER LINE EMI FAST ON 3A561 - Immediate
848-20/004FILTER POWR LINE EMI FAST ON 20A3 - Immediate
869-20/042FILTER POWER LINE EMI 20A SNAP96 - Factory Stock
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PTM Published on: 2011-02-09