Transformer Forward 128UH SMD

EP13 Plus Optimized Transformer Platform

Pulse Electronics Corporation

The purpose of this training module is to introduce users to the benefits of the EP13 Plus Transformer platform from Pulse Electronics. The objectives are to review applications, common topologies and transformer platforms and discuss the optimization process and benefits of the EP13 Plus transformer platform. In addition, the flyback and forward topology design equations will be reviewed and temperature rise results, comparing the industry platform and the Pulse Electronics EP13 Plus platform, as well as the Pulse Electronics EP13 Plus catalog offering, will be highlighted.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionApplicationsAvailable Quantity
PA3855.006NLT datasheet linkTRANSFORMER FLYBACK 21UH SMDPA3855.006NLTTRANSFORMER FLYBACK 21UH SMDFlyback Converters50858 - Immediate
PA3855.006NLT product page link
PA3855.005NLT datasheet linkTRANSFORMER FLYBACK 21UH SMDPA3855.005NLTTRANSFORMER FLYBACK 21UH SMDFlyback Converters2146 - Immediate
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PA3855.003NLT datasheet linkTRANSFORMER FLYBACK 41UH SMDPA3855.003NLTTRANSFORMER FLYBACK 41UH SMDFlyback Converters467 - Immediate
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PA3856.002NLT datasheet linkTRANSFORMER FORWARD 100UH SMDPA3856.002NLTTRANSFORMER FORWARD 100UH SMDForward, Push-Pull Converters768 - Immediate
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PA3856.003NLT datasheet linkTRANSFORMER FORWARD 100UH SMDPA3856.003NLTTRANSFORMER FORWARD 100UH SMDForward, Push-Pull Converters1234 - Immediate
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PA3855.002NLT datasheet linkTRANSFORMER FLYBACK 48UH SMDPA3855.002NLTTRANSFORMER FLYBACK 48UH SMDFlyback Converters1371 - Immediate
PA3855.002NLT product page link
PA3855.004NLT datasheet linkTRANSFORMER FLYBACK 21UH SMDPA3855.004NLTTRANSFORMER FLYBACK 21UH SMDFlyback Converters700 - Immediate
PA3855.004NLT product page link
PA3856.001NLT datasheet linkTRANSFORMER FORWARD 100UH SMDPA3856.001NLTTRANSFORMER FORWARD 100UH SMDForward, Push-Pull Converters1212 - Immediate
PA3856.001NLT product page link
PA3856.004NLT datasheet linkTRANSFORMER FORWARD 128UH SMDPA3856.004NLTTRANSFORMER FORWARD 128UH SMDForward, Push-Pull Converters671 - Immediate
PA3856.004NLT product page link
PA3856.005NLT datasheet linkTRANSFORMER FORWARD 128UH SMDPA3856.005NLTTRANSFORMER FORWARD 128UH SMDForward, Push-Pull Converters481 - Immediate
PA3856.005NLT product page link
PA3855.001NLT datasheet linkTRANSFORMER FLYBACK 54UH SMDPA3855.001NLTTRANSFORMER FLYBACK 54UH SMDFlyback Converters816 - Immediate
PA3855.001NLT product page link
PA3856.006NLT datasheet linkTRANSFORMER FORWARD 128UH SMDPA3856.006NLTTRANSFORMER FORWARD 128UH SMDForward, Push-Pull Converters857 - Immediate
PA3856.006NLT product page link
PTM Published on: 2014-04-02