Oscillator XO 25.000MHz CMOS SMD

Total Timing Technology


This presentation will provide an overview of the timing and clock products that Pericom offers to assist users with timing design. There will be a review of the total timing solution portfolio which enables customers with true freedom in timing design.

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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingAvailable Quantity
FNETHE025 datasheet linkOSCILLATOR XO 25.000MHZ CMOS SMDFNETHE025OSCILLATOR XO 25.000MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)7000 - Immediate
FNETHE025 product page link
FKSSD1025 datasheet linkOSCILLATOR XO 25.000MHZ CMOS SMDFKSSD1025OSCILLATOR XO 25.000MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)3000 - Immediate
FKSSD1025 product page link
FNEPON125 datasheet linkOSC XO 125.000MHZ CMOS SMDFNEPON125OSC XO 125.000MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)12000 - Immediate
FNEPON125 product page link
FRETHE025 datasheet linkOSC VCXO 25.000MHZ CMOS SMDFRETHE025OSC VCXO 25.000MHZ CMOS SMDBulk340 - Immediate
FRETHE025 product page link
FRSTB1027 datasheet linkOSC VCXO 27.000MHZ CMOS SMDFRSTB1027OSC VCXO 27.000MHZ CMOS SMDBulk300 - Immediate
FRSTB1027 product page link
FNGEPO002 datasheet linkOSCILLATOR XO 2.048MHZ CMOS SMDFNGEPO002OSCILLATOR XO 2.048MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)1000 - Immediate
FNGEPO002 product page link
FNSURV054 datasheet linkOSCILLATOR XO 54.000MHZ CMOS SMDFNSURV054OSCILLATOR XO 54.000MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)1000 - Immediate
FNSURV054 product page link
PD10GE159 datasheet linkOSC XO 159.375MHZ PECL SMDPD10GE159OSC XO 159.375MHZ PECL SMDTape & Reel (TR)500 - Immediate
PD10GE159 product page link
FRTELE016 datasheet linkOSC VCXO 16.384MHZ CMOS SMDFRTELE016OSC VCXO 16.384MHZ CMOS SMDBulk60 - Immediate
FRTELE016 product page link
LDGPON155 product page link
FNSTB1027 datasheet linkOSCILLATOR XO 27.000MHZ CMOS SMDFNSTB1027OSCILLATOR XO 27.000MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)0FNSTB1027 product page link
FNSURV027 datasheet linkOSCILLATOR XO 27.000MHZ CMOS SMDFNSURV027OSCILLATOR XO 27.000MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)0FNSURV027 product page link
FNDDR1133 datasheet linkOSCILLATOR XO 133.33MHZ CMOS SMDFNDDR1133OSCILLATOR XO 133.33MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)0FNDDR1133 product page link
FRBST1061 datasheet linkOSC VCXO 61.44MHZ CMOS SMDFRBST1061OSC VCXO 61.44MHZ CMOS SMDBulk57 - Immediate
FRBST1061 product page link
FDSAS2062 datasheet linkOSCILLATOR XO 62.5MHZ CMOS SMDFDSAS2062OSCILLATOR XO 62.5MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)0FDSAS2062 product page link
FNSAS2075 datasheet linkOSCILLATOR XO 75.000MHZ CMOS SMDFNSAS2075OSCILLATOR XO 75.000MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)0FNSAS2075 product page link
FRSONT019 datasheet linkOSC VCXO 19.44MHZ CMOS SMDFRSONT019OSC VCXO 19.44MHZ CMOS SMDBulk0FRSONT019 product page link
FRXDSL035 datasheet linkOSC VCXO 35.328MHZ CMOS SMDFRXDSL035OSC VCXO 35.328MHZ CMOS SMDBulk0FRXDSL035 product page link
FRSONT038 datasheet linkOSC VCXO 38.88MHZ CMOS SMDFRSONT038OSC VCXO 38.88MHZ CMOS SMDBulk0FRSONT038 product page link
LD10GE156 datasheet linkOSCILLATOR XO 156.25MHZ LVDS SMDLD10GE156OSCILLATOR XO 156.25MHZ LVDS SMDBulk0LD10GE156 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-06-01