Oscillator XO 25.000MHz CMOS SMD

Total Timing Technology


This presentation will provide an overview of the timing and clock products that Pericom offers to assist users with timing design. There will be a review of the total timing solution portfolio which enables customers with true freedom in timing design.

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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingAvailable QuantityBuy Now
FNETHE025OSCILLATOR XO 25.000MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)5000 - Immediate
FKSSD1025OSCILLATOR XO 25.000MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)3000 - Immediate
UJWIFI026OSC XO 26.000MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDTape & Reel (TR)6000 - Immediate
FNEPON125OSC XO 125.000MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)11000 - Immediate
PI49FCT3807CQEIC CLK BUFFER 1:10 100MHZ 20QSOPTube2623 - Immediate
PI6C10804WEIC CLK BUFFER 1:4 250MHZ 8SOICTube6664 - Immediate
PI6CV2304LEIC CLK BUFFER 1:4 140MHZ 8TSSOPTube1458 - Immediate
PI6C20400HEIC CLOCK BUFF DIFF 28-SSOPTube2438 - Immediate
SQPCIE100OSC XO 100.000MHZ HCSL SMDTape & Reel (TR)1500 - Immediate
SNSAS2150OSC XO 150.000MHZ PECL SMDTape & Reel (TR)500 - Immediate
YNETHE125OSC VCXO 125.000MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)0
FNSTB1027OSCILLATOR XO 27.000MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)3000 - Immediate
FNGEPO002OSCILLATOR XO 2.048MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)2000 - Immediate
FNSURV027OSCILLATOR XO 27.000MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)1000 - Immediate
FNSURV054OSCILLATOR XO 54.000MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)1000 - Immediate
PI49FCT3807QEIC CLK BUFFER 1:10 50MHZ 20QSOPTube6619 - Immediate
SX10GE156OSCILLATOR XO 156.25MHZ CMOS SMDTape & Reel (TR)1000 - Immediate
PI6C557-05LEIC CLOCK GENERATOR 20-TSSOPTube1083 - Immediate
PI6CV304WEIC CLK BUFFER 1:4 160MHZ 8SOICTube1479 - Immediate
PI6CV2304WEIC CLK BUFFER 1:4 140MHZ 8SOICTube4407 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2012-06-01