Crystal Oscillator 32.000MHZ Sine Wave SMD

TCXO Overview


This presentation will give an overview of TCXO products and explain the TCXOs specifications. There will also be a review of applications and a brief guide to Pericom TCXO parts selection.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeFrequencyAvailable QuantityBuy Now
WT325BI0032.000000OSC TCXO 32.000MHZ CLP SNWV SMDTCXO32MHz5273 - Immediate
WT3251I0026.000000OSC TCXO 26.000MHZ CLP SNWV SMDTCXO26MHz3884 - Immediate
WT325CF0026.000000OSC TCXO 26.000MHZ CLP SNWV SMDTCXO26MHz1665 - Immediate
WT325BI0030.000000OSC TCXO 30.000MHZ CLP SNWV SMDTCXO30MHz3743 - Immediate
WT3253F0026.000000OSC TCXO 26.000MHZ CLP SNWV SMDTCXO26MHz1942 - Immediate
WT3253I0026.000000OSC TCXO 26.000MHZ CLP SNWV SMDTCXO26MHz782 - Immediate
WT3251F0016.369000OSC TCXO 16.369MHZ CLP SNWV SMDTCXO16.369MHz2980 - Immediate
WT325CI0016.369000OSC TCXO 16.369MHZ CLP SNWV SMDTCXO16.369MHz0
WT325CF0016.369000OSC TCXO 16.369MHZ CLP SNWV SMDTCXO16.369MHz0
WT3251I0016.367667OSC TCXO 16.367667MHZ CLSNWV SMDTCXO16.367667MHz0
WT325CI0016.368000OSC TCXO 16.368MHZ CLP SNWV SMDTCXO16.368MHz3000 - Immediate
WT325CF0019.200000OSC TCXO 19.2MHZ CLPD SNWV SMDTCXO19.2MHz2508 - Immediate
WT325CF0016.368000OSC TCXO 16.368MHZ CLP SNWV SMDTCXO16.368MHz851 - Immediate
WT325CI0016.367667OSC TCXO 16.367667MHZ CLSNWV SMDTCXO16.367667MHz0
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PTM Published on: 2012-12-20