High Speed SAS/SATA ReDriver Solutions


This tutorial will provide an overview of the Pericom ReDrivers for the storage market through the SAS/SATA ReDriver solutions in use in multiple generations of notebooks, desktop PC, workstation and servers. There will be an overview of high speed ReDrivers and the Pericom storage ReDriver portfolio. The key features and benefits will be highlighted and application examples will be provided.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingPart StatusTypeAvailable Quantity
PI2EQX6804-ANJE datasheet linkIC REDRIVER SATA 8CH 100LBGAPI2EQX6804-ANJEIC REDRIVER SATA 8CH 100LBGATrayActiveBuffer, ReDriver398 - Immediate
PI2EQX6804-ANJE product page link
PI2EQX6814NJE datasheet linkIC REDRIVER SAS/SATA 8CH 100LBGAPI2EQX6814NJEIC REDRIVER SAS/SATA 8CH 100LBGATrayActiveBuffer, ReDriver141 - Immediate
PI2EQX6814NJE product page link
PI2EQX6812ZHE datasheet linkIC REDRIVER SAS/SATA 4CH 42TQFNPI2EQX6812ZHEIC REDRIVER SAS/SATA 4CH 42TQFNTrayActiveBuffer, ReDriver180 - Immediate
PI2EQX6812ZHE product page link
PI3EQX6741STZDE datasheet linkIC REDRIVER SATA 2CH 20TQFNPI3EQX6741STZDEIC REDRIVER SATA 2CH 20TQFNTrayActiveBuffer, ReDriver783 - Immediate
PI3EQX6741STZDE product page link
PI2EQX6741SLZDE datasheet linkIC REDRIVER SATA 2CH 20TQFNPI2EQX6741SLZDEIC REDRIVER SATA 2CH 20TQFNTrayObsoleteBuffer, ReDriver0PI2EQX6741SLZDE product page link
PTM Published on: 2012-12-13