ERZ-V Series Radial Leaded Disc Type ZNR Surge Absorber

ZNR® Surge Absorbers

Panasonic Electronic Components

This tutorial will provide an overview of Panasonic's ZNR (Zinc-oxide Non-linear Resistors) surge absorbers and discuss their features and benefits.  Additionally, the characteristics, functionality, and potential applications of the ZNR series will be highlighted.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingVaristor Voltage (Min)Varistor Voltage (Typ)Available QuantityBuy Now
ERZ-V05D471VARISTOR 423V 800A DISC 5MMBulk423V470V67548 - Immediate
ERZ-V05D201VARISTOR 185V 800A DISC 5MMBulk185V200V28702 - Immediate
ERZ-V05D241VARISTOR 216V 800A DISC 5MMBulk216V240V8460 - Immediate
ERZ-V05D221VARISTOR 198V 800A DISC 5MMBulk198V220V1129 - Immediate
ERZ-V07D271VARISTOR 247V 1.75KA DISC 7MMBulk247V270V9214 - Immediate
ERZ-V07D201VARISTOR 185V 1.75KA DISC 7MMBulk185V200V8725 - Immediate
ERZ-V07D511VARISTOR 459V 1.75KA DISC 7MMBulk459V510V8255 - Immediate
ERZ-V07D471VARISTOR 423V 1.75KA DISC 7MMBulk423V470V5837 - Immediate
ERZ-V07D221VARISTOR 198V 1.75KA DISC 7MMBulk198V220V4287 - Immediate
ERZ-V10D201VARISTOR 185V 3.5KA DISC 10MMBulk185V200V9575 - Immediate
ERZ-V10D820VARISTOR 74V 3.5KA DISC 10MMBulk74V82V9516 - Immediate
ERZ-V05D331VARISTOR 297V 800A DISC 5MMBulk297V330V1870 - Immediate
ERZ-V07D331VARISTOR 297V 1.75KA DISC 7MMBulk297V330V4292 - Immediate
ERZ-VA7V680VARISTOR 61V 500A DISC 7MMBulk61V68V25000 - Immediate
ERZ-V14V201CSVARISTOR 185V 6KA DISC 14MMBulk185V200V5000 - Immediate
ERZ-V05D820VARISTOR 74V 800A DISC 5MMBulk74V82V458 - Immediate
ERZ-V05D271VARISTOR 247V 800A DISC 5MMBulk247V270V372 - Immediate
ERZ-V07D241VARISTOR 216V 1.75KA DISC 7MMBulk216V240V625 - Immediate
ERZ-V07D820VARISTOR 74V 1.75KA DISC 7MMBulk74V82V0
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PTM Published on: 2011-12-19