Zener Diode Dual 6.2V Mini 3

Zener Diodes

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This presentation will provide information on the surge voltage protection and power line overvoltage protection provided by Zener diodes. There will be a review of the types of Zener diodes and examples of surge noise generation will be given. Various forms of surge noise will be presented as well as suggestions for the proper protection solutions. The Panasonic Zener diode product line will be highlighted and the part nomenclature explained.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingConfigurationVoltage - Zener (Nom) (Vz)Available QuantityBuy Now
DZ3X062D0LDIODE ZENER ARRAY 6.2V MINI3Tape & Reel (TR)1 Pair Common Anode6.2V3000 - Immediate
DZ2S068C0LTVS DIODE 4VWM SSMINI2Tape & Reel (TR)Zener-9000 - Immediate
DZ5X068D0RTVS DIODE 4VWM MINI5Tape & Reel (TR)Zener43000 - Immediate
DZ3S100D0LDIODE ZENER ARRAY 10V SSMINI3Tape & Reel (TR)1 Pair Common Anode10V3000 - Immediate
DZ3S062D0LDIODE ZENER ARRAY 6.2V SSMINI3Tape & Reel (TR)1 Pair Common Anode6.2V3000 - Immediate
DZ3S082D0LDIODE ZENER ARRAY 8.2V SSMINI3Tape & Reel (TR)1 Pair Common Anode8.2V3000 - Immediate
DZ37062D0LDIODE ZENER ARRAY 6.2V SSSMINI3Tape & Reel (TR)1 Pair Common Anode6.2V0
DZ37082D0LDIODE ZENER ARRAY 8.2V SSSMINI3Tape & Reel (TR)1 Pair Common Anode8.2V0
DZ37068D0LDIODE ZENER ARRAY 6.8V SSSMINI3Tape & Reel (TR)1 Pair Common Anode6.8V0
DZ37100D0LDIODE ZENER ARRAY 10V SSSMINI3Tape & Reel (TR)1 Pair Common Anode10V0
DZ3S068D0LDIODE ZENER ARRAY 6.8V SSMINI3Tape & Reel (TR)1 Pair Common Anode6.8V0
DZ4J030K0RDIODE ZENER ARRAY 3V SMINI4Tape & Reel (TR)2 Independent3V0
DZ4J036K0RDIODE ZENER ARRAY 3.6V SMINI4Tape & Reel (TR)2 Independent3.6V0
DZ4J024K0RDIODE ZENER ARRAY 2.4V SMINI4Tape & Reel (TR)2 Independent2.4V0
DZ5X082D0RTVS DIODE 5VWM MINI5Tape & Reel (TR)Zener40
DZ5S068D0RTVS DIODE 4VWM SSMINITape & Reel (TR)Zener40
DZ3X068D0LDIODE ZENER ARRAY 6.8V MINI3Tape & Reel (TR)1 Pair Common Anode6.8V6000 - Immediate
DZ2S180C0LTVS DIODE 13VWM SSMINI2Tape & Reel (TR)Zener-0
DZ2S22000LTVS DIODE 17VWM SSMINI2F5BTape & Reel (TR)Zener10
DZ37120D0LDIODE ZENER ARRAY 12V SSSMINI3Tape & Reel (TR)1 Pair Common Anode12V0
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PTM Published on: 2012-11-20