Electrolytic Snap-In Capacitor Cut-Away

Snap-In Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors


This tutorial discusses the construction, specifications, and applications of Panasonic's snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
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Related Parts
ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingCapacitanceToleranceAvailable QuantityBuy Now
CAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 50V SNAPECO-S1HP222BACAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 50V SNAPBulk2200µF±20%1071 - Immediate
CAP ALUM 4700UF 20% 25V SNAPECO-S1EA472BACAP ALUM 4700UF 20% 25V SNAPBulk4700µF±20%1019 - Immediate
CAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 50V SNAPECO-S1HA222BACAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 50V SNAPBulk2200µF±20%1195 - Immediate
CAP ALUM 5600UF 20% 35V SNAPECO-S1VP562CACAP ALUM 5600UF 20% 35V SNAPBulk5600µF±20%19854 - Immediate
CAP ALUM 8200UF 20% 25V SNAPECO-S1EP822CACAP ALUM 8200UF 20% 25V SNAPBulk8200µF±20%3559 - Immediate
CAP ALUM 4700UF 20% 35V SNAPECO-S1VA472CACAP ALUM 4700UF 20% 35V SNAPBulk4700µF±20%3267 - Immediate
CAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 35V SNAPECO-S1VA222BACAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 35V SNAPBulk2200µF±20%986 - Immediate
CAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 80V SNAPECO-S1KA102BACAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 80V SNAPBulk1000µF±20%490 - Immediate
CAP ALUM 470UF 20% 160V SNAPEET-HC2C471HACAP ALUM 470UF 20% 160V SNAPBulk470µF±20%279 - Immediate
CAP ALUM 4700UF 20% 35V SNAPECO-S1VP472CACAP ALUM 4700UF 20% 35V SNAPBulk4700µF±20%16 - Immediate
CAP ALUM 390UF 20% 200V SNAPEET-HC2D391BACAP ALUM 390UF 20% 200V SNAPBulk390µF±20%165 - Immediate
CAP ALUM 330UF 20% 200V SNAPECO-S2DA331CACAP ALUM 330UF 20% 200V SNAPBulk330µF±20%200 - Immediate
CAP ALUM 10000UF 20% 16V SNAPECO-S1CA103CACAP ALUM 10000UF 20% 16V SNAPBulk10000µF±20%200 - Immediate
CAP ALUM 220UF 20% 250V SNAPEET-ED2E221BACAP ALUM 220UF 20% 250V SNAPBulk220µF±20%528 - Immediate
CAP ALUM 390UF 20% 200V SNAPECO-S2DB391BACAP ALUM 390UF 20% 200V SNAPBulk390µF±20%198 - Immediate
CAP ALUM 220UF 20% 250V SNAPECO-S2EP221BXCAP ALUM 220UF 20% 250V SNAPBulk220µF±20%0
CAP ALUM 6800UF 20% 25V SNAPECO-S1EA682CACAP ALUM 6800UF 20% 25V SNAPBulk6800µF±20%0
CAP ALUM 3300UF 20% 50V SNAPECO-S1HA332CACAP ALUM 3300UF 20% 50V SNAPBulk3300µF±20%0
CAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 80V SNAPECO-S1KP102BACAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 80V SNAPBulk1000µF±20%0
CAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 63V SNAPECO-S1JA222BACAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 63V SNAPBulk2200µF±20%0
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PTM Published on: 2011-12-19