Panasonic Thermally Conductive Pyrolitic Graphite Sheets

Pyrolytic Graphite Sheets (PGS)


This tutorial covers Pyrolytic Graphite Sheets (PGS) which are ideal for use in conjunction with conventional heat-sink methods. The material also provides low thermal resistance to the heat sink, which lowers a semiconductor’s operating temperature and extends its operating lifetime. PGS material is especially beneficial to small portable applications in which space for airflow is limited. In addition to these features, it also provides electro-magnetic shielding.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
EYG-S091210 datasheet linkPGS GRAPHITE SHEET 90X115MMEYG-S091210PGS GRAPHITE SHEET 90X115MM248 - Immediate
EYG-S091210 product page link
EYG-S131810 datasheet linkPYROLYTIC GRAPHITE SHT 125X180MMEYG-S131810PYROLYTIC GRAPHITE SHT 125X180MM28 - Immediate
EYG-S131810 product page link
EYG-S060910 datasheet linkPYROLYTIC GRAPHITE SHTS 60X90MMEYG-S060910PYROLYTIC GRAPHITE SHTS 60X90MM135 - Immediate
EYG-S060910 product page link
EYG-S091203 datasheet linkPGS GRAPHITE SHEET 90X115MMEYG-S091203PGS GRAPHITE SHEET 90X115MM112 - Immediate
EYG-S091203 product page link
EYG-S121803 datasheet linkPGS GRAPHITE SHEET 115X180MMEYG-S121803PGS GRAPHITE SHEET 115X180MM95 - Immediate
EYG-S121803 product page link
EYG-S091207 datasheet linkPGS GRAPHITE SHEET 90X115MMEYG-S091207PGS GRAPHITE SHEET 90X115MM51 - Immediate
EYG-S091207 product page link
EYG-S121807 datasheet linkPGS GRAPHITE SHEET 115X180MMEYG-S121807PGS GRAPHITE SHEET 115X180MM85 - Immediate
EYG-S121807 product page link
EYG-S091310 datasheet linkPYROLYTIC GRAPHITE SHT 125X90MMEYG-S091310PYROLYTIC GRAPHITE SHT 125X90MM5 - Immediate
EYG-S091310 product page link
EYG-S121810 datasheet linkPGS GRAPHITE SHEET 115X180MMEYG-S121810PGS GRAPHITE SHEET 115X180MM0EYG-S121810 product page link
EYG-S182310 datasheet linkPGS GRAPHITE SHEET 180X230MMEYG-S182310PGS GRAPHITE SHEET 180X230MM0EYG-S182310 product page link
EYG-A121810P datasheet linkPGS SHEET 115X180MM W/POLYESTEREYG-A121810PPGS SHEET 115X180MM W/POLYESTER0EYG-A121810P product page link
EYG-A091210P datasheet linkPGS SHEET 90X115MM W/POLYESTEREYG-A091210PPGS SHEET 90X115MM W/POLYESTER0EYG-A091210P product page link
EYG-A121810B datasheet linkPGS SHEET 115X180MM W/TAPEEYG-A121810BPGS SHEET 115X180MM W/TAPE0EYG-A121810B product page link
EYG-A091210B datasheet linkPGS SHEET 90X115MM W/TAPEEYG-A091210BPGS SHEET 90X115MM W/TAPE0EYG-A091210B product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-12-19