ESD Suppressor Varistor 0402

ESD Solutions - ESD Suppressors and Multi-Layer Varistors


This tutorial will discuss what Electric Static Discharge (ESD) is, why it is harmful to electronic equipment, and methods to protect equipment from ESD related damage.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
EZJ-Z0V420WA datasheet linkVARISTOR 42V 10A 0402EZJ-Z0V420WAVARISTOR 42V 10A 0402151804 - Immediate
EZJ-Z0V420WA product page link
EZJ-Z1V420FA datasheet linkVARISTOR 42V 15A 0603EZJ-Z1V420FAVARISTOR 42V 15A 060332393 - Immediate
EZJ-Z1V420FA product page link
EZJ-Z1V120KA datasheet linkVARISTOR 12V 20A 0603EZJ-Z1V120KAVARISTOR 12V 20A 060324215 - Immediate
EZJ-Z1V120KA product page link
EZA-EG2A50AX datasheet linkVARISTOR 0402EZA-EG2A50AXVARISTOR 0402239291 - Immediate
EZA-EG2A50AX product page link
EZA-EG3A50AV datasheet linkVARISTOR 0603EZA-EG3A50AVVARISTOR 060387847 - Immediate
EZA-EG3A50AV product page link
EZJ-S2YD472 datasheet linkVARISTOR 50V 0805EZJ-S2YD472VARISTOR 50V 0805221847 - Immediate
EZJ-S2YD472 product page link
EZJ-Z0V120JA datasheet linkVARISTOR 12V 10A 0402EZJ-Z0V120JAVARISTOR 12V 10A 0402116377 - Immediate
EZJ-Z0V120JA product page link
EZJ-Z0V80010 datasheet linkVARISTOR 80V 0402EZJ-Z0V80010VARISTOR 80V 0402160462 - Immediate
EZJ-Z0V80010 product page link
EZJ-Z1V330GA datasheet linkVARISTOR 33V 20A 0603EZJ-Z1V330GAVARISTOR 33V 20A 060332291 - Immediate
EZJ-Z1V330GA product page link
EZJ-Z1V171AA datasheet linkVARISTOR 170V 0603EZJ-Z1V171AAVARISTOR 170V 060322337 - Immediate
EZJ-Z1V171AA product page link
EZJ-Z1V270GA datasheet linkVARISTOR 27V 20A 0603EZJ-Z1V270GAVARISTOR 27V 20A 06038676 - Immediate
EZJ-Z1V270GA product page link
EZJ-P0V080GA datasheet linkVARISTOR 8V 3A 0402EZJ-P0V080GAVARISTOR 8V 3A 040222439 - Immediate
EZJ-P0V080GA product page link
EZJ-S2YC822 datasheet linkVARISTOR 30V 0805EZJ-S2YC822VARISTOR 30V 08056782 - Immediate
EZJ-S2YC822 product page link
EZJ-S1VB822 datasheet linkVARISTOR 12V 0603EZJ-S1VB822VARISTOR 12V 060338776 - Immediate
EZJ-S1VB822 product page link
EZJ-S1VD182 datasheet linkVARISTOR 50V 0603EZJ-S1VD182VARISTOR 50V 060320222 - Immediate
EZJ-S1VD182 product page link
EZJ-S1VC392 datasheet linkVARISTOR 30V 0603EZJ-S1VC392VARISTOR 30V 06035233 - Immediate
EZJ-S1VC392 product page link
EZJ-Z0V171AA datasheet linkVARISTOR 170V 0402EZJ-Z0V171AAVARISTOR 170V 040218866 - Immediate
EZJ-Z0V171AA product page link
EZJ-Z0V650DA datasheet linkVARISTOR 65V 5A 0402EZJ-Z0V650DAVARISTOR 65V 5A 040212143 - Immediate
EZJ-Z0V650DA product page link
EZJ-Z1V180JA datasheet linkVARISTOR 18V 20A 0603EZJ-Z1V180JAVARISTOR 18V 20A 06037898 - Immediate
EZJ-Z1V180JA product page link
EZJ-Z0V220HA datasheet linkVARISTOR 22V 10A 0402EZJ-Z0V220HAVARISTOR 22V 10A 040213905 - Immediate
EZJ-Z0V220HA product page link
EZJ-P0V080KA datasheet linkVARISTOR 8V 15A 0402EZJ-P0V080KAVARISTOR 8V 15A 040210171 - Immediate
EZJ-P0V080KA product page link
EZJ-ZSV270DAK datasheet linkVARISTOR 27V 5A 0504EZJ-ZSV270DAKVARISTOR 27V 5A 05046357 - Immediate
EZJ-ZSV270DAK product page link
EZJ-Z0V800AA datasheet linkVARISTOR 80V 0402EZJ-Z0V800AAVARISTOR 80V 040213223 - Immediate
EZJ-Z0V800AA product page link
EZJ-Z0V180HA datasheet linkVARISTOR 18V 10A 0402EZJ-Z0V180HAVARISTOR 18V 10A 04027720 - Immediate
EZJ-Z0V180HA product page link
EZJ-Z0V270EA datasheet linkVARISTOR 27V 0402EZJ-Z0V270EAVARISTOR 27V 04027655 - Immediate
EZJ-Z0V270EA product page link
EZJ-Z1V220JA datasheet linkVARISTOR 22V 20A 0603EZJ-Z1V220JAVARISTOR 22V 20A 06032812 - Immediate
EZJ-Z1V220JA product page link
EZJ-P0V080MA datasheet linkVARISTOR 8V 20A 0402EZJ-P0V080MAVARISTOR 8V 20A 04025333 - Immediate
EZJ-P0V080MA product page link
EZJ-ZSV800AA datasheet linkVARISTOR 80V 0504EZJ-ZSV800AAVARISTOR 80V 05043519 - Immediate
EZJ-ZSV800AA product page link
EZJ-ZSV270EA datasheet linkVARISTOR 27V 5A 0504EZJ-ZSV270EAVARISTOR 27V 5A 05042556 - Immediate
EZJ-ZSV270EA product page link
EZJ-ZSV120JA datasheet linkVARISTOR 12V 5A 0504EZJ-ZSV120JAVARISTOR 12V 5A 05045993 - Immediate
EZJ-ZSV120JA product page link
EZJ-S2VB223 datasheet linkVARISTOR 12V 0805EZJ-S2VB223VARISTOR 12V 08055012 - Immediate
EZJ-S2VB223 product page link
EZJ-ZSV171AA datasheet linkVARISTOR 170V 0504EZJ-ZSV171AAVARISTOR 170V 05043800 - Immediate
EZJ-ZSV171AA product page link
EZA-EGCA50AV datasheet linkVARISTOR 0805EZA-EGCA50AVVARISTOR 08054330 - Immediate
EZA-EGCA50AV product page link
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