Inductor Coil 4.0uh 15mA Step-Up SMD

ELT-3KN_HAC Overview

Panasonic Electronic Components

This tutorial will provide an overview of the ELT-3KN_HAC inductive coupling device from Panasonic.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
ELT-3KN123BFIXED IND 1MH 30MA 25 OHM SMD12024 - Immediate
ELT-3KN131BFIXED IND 2MH 20MA 44 OHM SMD5788 - Immediate
ELT-3KN124BFIXED IND 4MH 15MA 85 OHM SMD6052 - Immediate
ELT-3KN104BFIXED IND 1MH 30MA 35 OHM SMD5287 - Immediate
ELT-3KN128BFIXED IND 560UH 45MA 15 OHM SMD3338 - Immediate
ELT-3KN121BFIXED IND 1MH 40MA 22.5 OHM SMD3206 - Immediate
ELT-3KN163BFIXED IND 1.1MH 30MA 32 OHM SMD2839 - Immediate
ELT-3KN118BFIXED IND 2.5MH 20MA 64 OHM SMD2851 - Immediate
ELT-3KN136BFIXED IND 2MH 20MA 55 OHM SMD1860 - Immediate
ELT-3KN162BFIXED IND 4MH 15MA 117 OHM SMD1361 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-12-19