IC Regulator Buck Sync Adj 1.2A 9WLCSP

AN3018xA Series DC-DC Step-Down Regulators

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This training module will compare hysteretic control mode to other control modes. It will explore the features and benefits of the AN3018xA series. Additionally, it will explain the target applications for this product.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFunctionOutput ConfigurationAvailable Quantity
AN30180A-PR datasheet linkIC REG BCK PROG 1.2A SYNC 9WLCSPAN30180A-PRIC REG BCK PROG 1.2A SYNC 9WLCSPStep-DownPositive7999 - Immediate
AN30180A-PR product page link
AN30183A-PR datasheet linkIC REG 5OUT BCK/LINEAR 20WLCSPAN30183A-PRIC REG 5OUT BCK/LINEAR 20WLCSPStep-Down (Buck) Synchronous (1), Linear (LDO) (4)Any Function5000 - Immediate
AN30183A-PR product page link
AN30181A-VL datasheet linkIC REG TRPL BCK/LINEAR 24HQFNAN30181A-VLIC REG TRPL BCK/LINEAR 24HQFNStep-Down (Buck) Synchronous (2), Linear (LDO) (1)Any Function3000 - Immediate
AN30181A-VL product page link
AN30185A-VL datasheet linkIC REG TRPL BCK/LINEAR 24HQFNAN30185A-VLIC REG TRPL BCK/LINEAR 24HQFNStep-Down (Buck) Synchronous (2), Linear (LDO) (1)Any Function2998 - Immediate
AN30185A-VL product page link
AN30182A-PB datasheet linkIC REG 8OUT BCK/LINEAR 24WLCSPAN30182A-PBIC REG 8OUT BCK/LINEAR 24WLCSPStep-Down (Buck) Synchronous (2), Linear (LDO) (6)Any Function1998 - Immediate
AN30182A-PB product page link
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PTM Published on: 2013-03-14