Telecom relay DPDT 2A 5V

Signal Relays

Panasonic Electric Works

Welcome to the Panasonic Electric Works Signal Relays product training module.  This tutorial will provide an overview of Panasonic Electric Works Signal Relays and how signal relays function.  Their features, benefits, and potential applications will also be discussed.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingRelay TypeCoil TypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
TX2-5VRELAY TELECOM DPDT 2A 5VTubeTelecomNon Latching19773 - Immediate
TX2-12VRELAY TELECOM DPDT 2A 12VTubeTelecomNon Latching5593 - Immediate
TX2SA-5VRELAY TELECOM DPDT 2A 5VTubeTelecomNon Latching5962 - Immediate
AGN2004HRELAY TELECOM DPDT 1A 4.5VTubeTelecomNon Latching17851 - Immediate
AGN20012RELAY TELECOM DPDT 1A 12VTubeTelecomNon Latching7697 - Immediate
TX2-24VRELAY TELECOM DPDT 2A 24VTubeTelecomNon Latching2794 - Immediate
1680 - Factory Stock
TX2SA-24VRELAY TELECOM DPDT 2A 24VTubeTelecomNon Latching4736 - Immediate
TXS2-4.5VRELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 1A 4.5VTubeGeneral PurposeNon Latching3394 - Immediate
TXS2-3VRELAY GENERAL PURPOSE DPDT 1A 3VTubeGeneral PurposeNon Latching2819 - Immediate
40 - Factory Stock
TX2-L2-5VRELAY TELECOM DPDT 2A 5VTubeTelecomLatching, Dual Coil2061 - Immediate
TXD2-5VRELAY GENERAL PURPOSE DPDT 2A 5VTubeGeneral PurposeNon Latching2786 - Immediate
TXS2-L-3VRELAY GENERAL PURPOSE DPDT 1A 3VTubeGeneral PurposeLatching, Single Coil1177 - Immediate
280 - Factory Stock
TXS2-L2-3VRELAY GENERAL PURPOSE DPDT 1A 3VTubeGeneral PurposeLatching, Dual Coil6591 - Immediate
200 - Factory Stock
TX2SA-LT-3V-THRELAY GENERAL PURPOSE DPDT 2A 3VTubeGeneral PurposeLatching, Dual Coil2995 - Immediate
TX2SA-24V-ZRELAY TELECOM DPDT 2A 24VTape & Reel (TR)TelecomNon Latching54000 - Immediate
2000 - Factory Stock
HY1Z-12VRELAY TELECOM SPDT 1A 12VTubeTelecomNon Latching1207 - Immediate
HY1Z-5VRELAY TELECOM SPDT 1A 5VTubeTelecomNon Latching973 - Immediate
TX2-4.5VRELAY TELECOM DPDT 2A 4.5VTubeTelecomNon Latching401 - Immediate
TX2SA-12VRELAY TELECOM DPDT 2A 12VTubeTelecomNon Latching4749 - Immediate
TX2SA-3VRELAY TELECOM DPDT 2A 3VTubeTelecomNon Latching436 - Immediate
520 - Factory Stock
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PTM Published on: 2011-12-16