Grid-EYE Sensor 3.3V Low Gain



This training module presents the advantages of using an infrared array sensor, using MEMS technology, in a compact surface mount design. Panasonic will also introduce the digital output via I²C, which provides direct temperature values and detecting motion/presence. Finally, Panasonic will look at the product lineup and some of the applications.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSensor TypeOutput TypeAvailable Quantity
SENSOR GRID-EYE 3.3V LOW GAINAMG8832SENSOR GRID-EYE 3.3V LOW GAINInfrared Array SensorI²C151 - Immediate
AMG8832 product page link
SENSOR GRID-EYE 3.3V HIGH GAINAMG8831SENSOR GRID-EYE 3.3V HIGH GAINInfrared Array SensorI²C112 - Immediate
AMG8831 product page link
SENSOR GRID-EYE 5.0V LOW GAINAMG8852SENSOR GRID-EYE 5.0V LOW GAINInfrared Array SensorI²C293 - Immediate
AMG8852 product page link
SENSOR GRID-EYE 5.0V HIGH GAINAMG8851SENSOR GRID-EYE 5.0V HIGH GAINInfrared Array SensorI²C0AMG8851 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-06-19