LED OSLON 1/2W 617nm Amber SMD


OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Inc

This tutorial will provide an overview of OSRAM’s OSLON SX 0.5W LED and discuss its features, benefits and potential applications.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusColorAvailable Quantity
LA CN5M-FBGB-24-1-Z datasheet linkLED OSLON 1/2W 617NM AMBER SMDLA CN5M-FBGB-24-1-ZLED OSLON 1/2W 617NM AMBER SMDActiveAmber8027 - Immediate
LA CN5M-FBGB-24-1-Z product page link
LD CN5M-4Q4R-35-1-Z datasheet linkLED OSLON 1/2W DEEP BLUE SMDLD CN5M-4Q4R-35-1-ZLED OSLON 1/2W DEEP BLUE SMDActiveBlue3242 - Immediate
LD CN5M-4Q4R-35-1-Z product page link
LD CN5M-1R1S-35-1-Z datasheet linkLED OSLON SX 1/2W DEEP BLUE SMDLD CN5M-1R1S-35-1-ZLED OSLON SX 1/2W DEEP BLUE SMDActiveBlue1367 - Immediate
LD CN5M-1R1S-35-1-Z product page link
LT CN5M-GAHB-25-1-Z datasheet linkLED OSLON SX 1/2W TRUE GREEN SMDLT CN5M-GAHB-25-1-ZLED OSLON SX 1/2W TRUE GREEN SMDObsoleteGreen226 - Immediate
LT CN5M-GAHB-25-1-Z product page link
LT CN5M-GAGB-25-1-Z datasheet linkLED OSLON 1/2W TRUE GREEN SMDLT CN5M-GAGB-25-1-ZLED OSLON 1/2W TRUE GREEN SMDDiscontinuedGreen0LT CN5M-GAGB-25-1-Z product page link
LUW CN5M-GAHA-5P7R-1-Z datasheet linkLED OSLON WHITE SMDLUW CN5M-GAHA-5P7R-1-ZLED OSLON WHITE SMDDiscontinuedWhite0LUW CN5M-GAHA-5P7R-1-Z product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-03