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This tutorial provides an introduction to Orion Fan’s specialty and custom Fan product offering. Additionally, this presentation will explain the part number configuration.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - RatedSize / DimensionWidthAvailable Quantity
OD8038-24HBVXC datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 80X38MM 24VDC WIREOD8038-24HBVXCFAN AXIAL 80X38MM 24VDC WIRE24VDCSquare - 80mm L x 80mm H38mm667 - Immediate
OD8038-24HBVXC product page link
OD1238-24HBXC datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 120X38.5MM 24VDC WIREOD1238-24HBXCFAN AXIAL 120X38.5MM 24VDC WIRE24VDCSquare - 120mm L x 120mm H38.5mm522 - Immediate
OD1238-24HBXC product page link
OA109AP-11-1TBXC datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 120X38MM 120VAC TERMOA109AP-11-1TBXCFAN AXIAL 120X38MM 120VAC TERM120VACSquare - 119.5mm L x 119.5mm H38mm994 - Immediate
OA109AP-11-1TBXC product page link
OA109AP-22-1TBXC datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 120X38MM 230VAC TERMOA109AP-22-1TBXCFAN AXIAL 120X38MM 230VAC TERM230VACSquare - 120mm L x 120mm H38mm924 - Immediate
OA109AP-22-1TBXC product page link
OD8038-24HBVXC10A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 80X38MM 24VDC WIREOD8038-24HBVXC10AFAN AXIAL 80X38MM 24VDC WIRE24VDCSquare - 80mm L x 80mm H38mm1631 - Immediate
OD8038-24HBVXC10A product page link
OD1238-24HBVXC10A datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 120X38MM 24VDC WIREOD1238-24HBVXC10AFAN AXIAL 120X38MM 24VDC WIRE24VDCSquare - 120mm L x 120mm H38mm735 - Immediate
OD1238-24HBVXC10A product page link
OA172SAP-22-1TBXC datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 172X50.8MM 230VAC TERMOA172SAP-22-1TBXCFAN AXIAL 172X50.8MM 230VAC TERM230VACRectangular/Rounded - 172mm L x 150mm H50.8mm461 - Immediate
OA172SAP-22-1TBXC product page link
OA254AN-11-1TBXC datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 254X89MM 115VAC TERMOA254AN-11-1TBXCFAN AXIAL 254X89MM 115VAC TERM115VACRound - 254mm Dia89mm769 - Immediate
OA254AN-11-1TBXC product page link
OD6038-12HBVXC datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 60X38MM 12VDC WIREOD6038-12HBVXCFAN AXIAL 60X38MM 12VDC WIRE12VDCSquare - 60mm L x 60mm H38mm104 - Immediate
OD6038-12HBVXC product page link
OA280AN-11-1TB18 datasheet linkFAN AXIAL 280X80MM BALL 115VACOA280AN-11-1TB18FAN AXIAL 280X80MM BALL 115VAC115VACSquare - 280mm L x 280mm H80mm26 - Immediate
OA280AN-11-1TB18 product page link
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