Voltage Translation

Voltage Translators

NXP Semiconductors

This tutorial will explain the techniques and features of NXP’s voltage translators.  The module will also help to select the right voltage translator for specific applications.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTranslator TypeChannel TypeAvailable Quantity
74AVC1T45GW,125 datasheet linkIC TXRX TRI-ST DL SPLY 6TSSOP74AVC1T45GW,125IC TXRX TRI-ST DL SPLY 6TSSOPVoltage LevelBidirectional30938 - Immediate
74AVC1T45GW,125 product page link
74AUP1T34GW,125 datasheet linkIC BUFFER LOW PWR N-INV 5TSSOP74AUP1T34GW,125IC BUFFER LOW PWR N-INV 5TSSOPVoltage LevelUnidirectional14024 - Immediate
74AUP1T34GW,125 product page link
74LVC1T45GW,125 datasheet linkTXRX XLATING DUAL 3ST 6TSSOP74LVC1T45GW,125TXRX XLATING DUAL 3ST 6TSSOPVoltage LevelBidirectional46543 - Immediate
74LVC1T45GW,125 product page link
74LVC8T245PW,118 datasheet linkTXRX 8BIT TRANSLATING 24TSSOP74LVC8T245PW,118TXRX 8BIT TRANSLATING 24TSSOPVoltage LevelBidirectional14544 - Immediate
74LVC8T245PW,118 product page link
74AVC8T245PW,118 datasheet linkIC TRANSCVR 3ST 8BIT 24TSSOP74AVC8T245PW,118IC TRANSCVR 3ST 8BIT 24TSSOPVoltage LevelBidirectional14106 - Immediate
74AVC8T245PW,118 product page link
74AVC4T245GU,115 datasheet linkIC TXRX 4BIT DUAL 3ST 16XQFN74AVC4T245GU,115IC TXRX 4BIT DUAL 3ST 16XQFNVoltage LevelBidirectional33603 - Immediate
74AVC4T245GU,115 product page link
74AVC16T245DGG,118 datasheet linkTXRX 16BIT TRANSLAT 48TSSOP74AVC16T245DGG,118TXRX 16BIT TRANSLAT 48TSSOPVoltage LevelBidirectional4195 - Immediate
74AVC16T245DGG,118 product page link
74AVCH2T45GT,115 datasheet linkIC TXRX BUS 2BIT DUAL 3ST 8XSON74AVCH2T45GT,115IC TXRX BUS 2BIT DUAL 3ST 8XSONVoltage LevelBidirectional14815 - Immediate
74AVCH2T45GT,115 product page link
74AVC2T45GT,115 datasheet linkIC BUS TRANSCVR TRI-ST DL 8XSON74AVC2T45GT,115IC BUS TRANSCVR TRI-ST DL 8XSONVoltage LevelBidirectional7860 - Immediate
74AVC2T45GT,115 product page link
74LVCH1T45GW,125 datasheet linkTXRX XLATING DUAL 3ST 6TSSOP74LVCH1T45GW,125TXRX XLATING DUAL 3ST 6TSSOPVoltage LevelBidirectional16848 - Immediate
74LVCH1T45GW,125 product page link
74AVC1T45GM,115 datasheet linkIC TRANSCEIVER DUAL 3ST 6XSON74AVC1T45GM,115IC TRANSCEIVER DUAL 3ST 6XSONVoltage LevelBidirectional5329 - Immediate
74AVC1T45GM,115 product page link
74LVCH1T45GM,132 datasheet linkTXRX XLATING DUAL 3ST XSON674LVCH1T45GM,132TXRX XLATING DUAL 3ST XSON6Voltage LevelBidirectional23051 - Immediate
74LVCH1T45GM,132 product page link
74LVC1T45GM,132 datasheet linkTXRX XLATING DUAL 3ST XSON674LVC1T45GM,132TXRX XLATING DUAL 3ST XSON6Voltage LevelBidirectional5802 - Immediate
74LVC1T45GM,132 product page link
74AVCH2T45DC,125 datasheet linkIC TXRX BUS 2BIT DUAL 3ST 8VSSOP74AVCH2T45DC,125IC TXRX BUS 2BIT DUAL 3ST 8VSSOPVoltage LevelBidirectional9865 - Immediate
74AVCH2T45DC,125 product page link
74LVCH1T45GF,132 datasheet linkTXRX XLATING DUAL 3ST XSON674LVCH1T45GF,132TXRX XLATING DUAL 3ST XSON6Voltage LevelBidirectional12949 - Immediate
74LVCH1T45GF,132 product page link
74AVCH1T45GW,125 datasheet linkIC TXRX DUAL 3ST 6TSSOP74AVCH1T45GW,125IC TXRX DUAL 3ST 6TSSOPVoltage LevelBidirectional6709 - Immediate
74AVCH1T45GW,125 product page link
74LVC2T45GT,115 datasheet linkTXRX TRANSLATING 3ST XSON874LVC2T45GT,115TXRX TRANSLATING 3ST XSON8Voltage LevelBidirectional18209 - Immediate
74LVC2T45GT,115 product page link
74LVC2T45GM,125 datasheet linkTXRX TRANSLATING 3ST 8XQFN74LVC2T45GM,125TXRX TRANSLATING 3ST 8XQFNVoltage LevelBidirectional5913 - Immediate
74LVC2T45GM,125 product page link
74LVCH8T245BQ,118 datasheet linkTXRX 8BIT TRANSLATING 24DHVQFN74LVCH8T245BQ,118TXRX 8BIT TRANSLATING 24DHVQFNVoltage LevelBidirectional15823 - Immediate
74LVCH8T245BQ,118 product page link
74AVC8T245BQ,118 datasheet linkTXRX 8BIT TRANSLATNG 24DHVQFN74AVC8T245BQ,118TXRX 8BIT TRANSLATNG 24DHVQFNVoltage LevelBidirectional6162 - Immediate
74AVC8T245BQ,118 product page link
74LVCH8T245PW,118 datasheet linkTXRX 8BIT TRANSLATING 24TSSOP74LVCH8T245PW,118TXRX 8BIT TRANSLATING 24TSSOPVoltage LevelBidirectional2863 - Immediate
74LVCH8T245PW,118 product page link
74LVC2T45GD,125 datasheet linkTXRX TRANSLATING 3ST XSON8U74LVC2T45GD,125TXRX TRANSLATING 3ST XSON8UVoltage LevelBidirectional5826 - Immediate
74LVC2T45GD,125 product page link
74AUP1T45GW,125 datasheet linkIC TRANSCEIVER LOW POWER 6TSSOP74AUP1T45GW,125IC TRANSCEIVER LOW POWER 6TSSOPTransceiver, Inverting14453 - Immediate
74AUP1T45GW,125 product page link
74AUP1T45GF,132 datasheet linkIC TRANSCEIVER LOW POWER 6XSON74AUP1T45GF,132IC TRANSCEIVER LOW POWER 6XSONTransceiver, Inverting112309 - Immediate
74AUP1T45GF,132 product page link
74AUP1T34GM,115 datasheet linkIC BUFFER NONINVERTING LP 6XSON74AUP1T34GM,115IC BUFFER NONINVERTING LP 6XSONVoltage LevelUnidirectional3602 - Immediate
74AUP1T34GM,115 product page link
74AVCH2T45GD,125 datasheet linkIC LEVEL XLATOR/TXRX XSON8U74AVCH2T45GD,125IC LEVEL XLATOR/TXRX XSON8UVoltage LevelBidirectional5399 - Immediate
74AVCH2T45GD,125 product page link
74LVC1T45GF,132 datasheet linkTXRX XLATING DUAL 3ST XSON674LVC1T45GF,132TXRX XLATING DUAL 3ST XSON6Voltage LevelBidirectional8813 - Immediate
74LVC1T45GF,132 product page link
74AVCH1T45GM,115 datasheet linkIC TXRX DUAL 3ST 6XSON74AVCH1T45GM,115IC TXRX DUAL 3ST 6XSONVoltage LevelBidirectional3795 - Immediate
74AVCH1T45GM,115 product page link
74LVCH2T45GM,125 datasheet linkTXRX TRANSLATING 3ST 8XQFN74LVCH2T45GM,125TXRX TRANSLATING 3ST 8XQFNVoltage LevelBidirectional2908 - Immediate
74LVCH2T45GM,125 product page link
74LVCH2T45GT,115 datasheet linkTXRX TRANSLATING 3ST XSON874LVCH2T45GT,115TXRX TRANSLATING 3ST XSON8Voltage LevelBidirectional2503 - Immediate
74LVCH2T45GT,115 product page link
74AVCH4T245D,118 datasheet linkTXRX 4BIT TRANSLATING 16SOIC74AVCH4T245D,118TXRX 4BIT TRANSLATING 16SOICVoltage LevelBidirectional1453 - Immediate
74AVCH4T245D,118 product page link
74AVCH8T245BQ,118 datasheet linkTXRX 8BIT TRANSLATNG 24DHVQFN74AVCH8T245BQ,118TXRX 8BIT TRANSLATNG 24DHVQFNVoltage LevelBidirectional2580 - Immediate
74AVCH8T245BQ,118 product page link
74AVCH16T245DGG,18 datasheet linkTXRX 16BIT TRANSLAT 48TSSOP74AVCH16T245DGG,18TXRX 16BIT TRANSLAT 48TSSOPVoltage LevelBidirectional1268 - Immediate
74AVCH16T245DGG,18 product page link
74LVC8T245BQ,118 datasheet linkTXRX 8BIT TRANSLATING 24DHVQFN74LVC8T245BQ,118TXRX 8BIT TRANSLATING 24DHVQFNVoltage LevelBidirectional2425 - Immediate
74LVC8T245BQ,118 product page link
74AVC20T245DGG,118 datasheet linkTXRX 20BIT TRANSLAT 56TSSOP74AVC20T245DGG,118TXRX 20BIT TRANSLAT 56TSSOPVoltage LevelBidirectional1675 - Immediate
74AVC20T245DGG,118 product page link
74AVCH20T245DGG,11 datasheet linkTXRX 20BIT TRANSLATNG 56TSSOP74AVCH20T245DGG,11TXRX 20BIT TRANSLATNG 56TSSOPVoltage LevelBidirectional1537 - Immediate
74AVCH20T245DGG,11 product page link
74LVCH2T45GD,125 datasheet linkTXRX TRANSLATING 3ST XSON8U74LVCH2T45GD,125TXRX TRANSLATING 3ST XSON8UVoltage LevelBidirectional868 - Immediate
74LVCH2T45GD,125 product page link
74AVC2T45DP,125 datasheet linkIC BUS TRANSCVR TRI-ST DL 8TSSOP74AVC2T45DP,125IC BUS TRANSCVR TRI-ST DL 8TSSOPVoltage LevelBidirectional426 - Immediate
74AVC2T45DP,125 product page link
74AVC4T245D,118 datasheet linkIC TXRX 4BIT DUAL 3ST 16SOIC74AVC4T245D,118IC TXRX 4BIT DUAL 3ST 16SOICVoltage LevelBidirectional755 - Immediate
74AVC4T245D,118 product page link
74AVC2T45GD,125 datasheet linkIC BUS TRANSCVR TRI-ST DL 8XSON74AVC2T45GD,125IC BUS TRANSCVR TRI-ST DL 8XSONVoltage LevelBidirectional50 - Immediate
74AVC2T45GD,125 product page link
74AUP1T45GM,115 datasheet linkIC TRANSCEIVER LOW POWER 6XSON74AUP1T45GM,115IC TRANSCEIVER LOW POWER 6XSONTransceiver, Inverting1074AUP1T45GM,115 product page link
74AUP1T34GF,132 datasheet linkIC BUFFER NONINVERTING LP 6XSON74AUP1T34GF,132IC BUFFER NONINVERTING LP 6XSONVoltage LevelUnidirectional074AUP1T34GF,132 product page link
74AVCH16T245BQ,518 datasheet linkTXRX 16BIT TRANSLAT HXQFN60U74AVCH16T245BQ,518TXRX 16BIT TRANSLAT HXQFN60UVoltage LevelBidirectional074AVCH16T245BQ,518 product page link
74AVC16T245BQ,518 datasheet linkTXRX 16BIT TRANSLAT HXQFN60U74AVC16T245BQ,518TXRX 16BIT TRANSLAT HXQFN60UVoltage LevelBidirectional074AVC16T245BQ,518 product page link
74AVC16T245DGV,118 datasheet linkTXRX 16BIT TRANSLAT 48TSSOP74AVC16T245DGV,118TXRX 16BIT TRANSLAT 48TSSOPVoltage LevelBidirectional074AVC16T245DGV,118 product page link
74AVC20T245DGV,118 datasheet linkTXRX 20BIT TRANSLAT 56TSSOP74AVC20T245DGV,118TXRX 20BIT TRANSLAT 56TSSOPVoltage LevelBidirectional074AVC20T245DGV,118 product page link
74AVCH16T245DGV,11 datasheet linkTXRX 16BIT TRANSLAT 48TSSOP74AVCH16T245DGV,11TXRX 16BIT TRANSLAT 48TSSOPVoltage LevelBidirectional074AVCH16T245DGV,11 product page link
74AVCH20T245DGV:11 datasheet linkTXRX 20BIT TRANSLATNG 56TSSOP74AVCH20T245DGV:11TXRX 20BIT TRANSLATNG 56TSSOPVoltage LevelBidirectional074AVCH20T245DGV:11 product page link
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