Fluorescent lamp ICs

UBA22xx Power IC Family

NXP Semiconductors

This training module will provide an overview of the working principle of NXP’s integrated controllers for electronic CFL ballasts, the non-dimmable UBA2211, UBA2212 and UBA2213 power IC family. The protection mechanisms and internal functions of the ICs will be discussed and the boost function will be explained. There will also be a  brief review of typical applications and available resources.

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingTypeFrequencyAvailable Quantity
UBA2211AT/N1,518 datasheet linkIC CFL DRIVER 14SOUBA2211AT/N1,518IC CFL DRIVER 14SOCut Tape (CT)CFL/TL Driver40.05kHz ~ 42.68kHz2480 - Immediate
UBA2211AT/N1,518 product page link
UBA2211CT/N1,518 datasheet linkIC CFL DRIVER 14SOUBA2211CT/N1,518IC CFL DRIVER 14SOCut Tape (CT)CFL/TL Driver40.05kHz ~ 42.68kHz2460 - Immediate
UBA2211CT/N1,518 product page link
UBA2211BT/N1,518 datasheet linkIC CFL DRIVER 14SOUBA2211BT/N1,518IC CFL DRIVER 14SOCut Tape (CT)CFL/TL Driver40.05kHz ~ 42.68kHz758 - Immediate
UBA2211BT/N1,518 product page link
UBA2211AP/N1,112 datasheet linkIC CFL DRIVER 8DIPUBA2211AP/N1,112IC CFL DRIVER 8DIPTubeCFL/TL Driver40.05kHz ~ 42.68kHz0UBA2211AP/N1,112 product page link
UBA2211BP/N1,112 datasheet linkIC CFL DRIVER 8DIPUBA2211BP/N1,112IC CFL DRIVER 8DIPTubeCFL/TL Driver40.05kHz ~ 42.68kHz0UBA2211BP/N1,112 product page link
UBA2211CP/N1,112 datasheet linkIC CFL DRIVER 8DIPUBA2211CP/N1,112IC CFL DRIVER 8DIPTubeCFL/TL Driver40.05kHz ~ 42.68kHz0UBA2211CP/N1,112 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-04-17