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This tutorial will introduce UART products as well as discuss their advantages and applications.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingFunctionAvailable Quantity
SC16IS740IPW,112 datasheet linkIC UART SINGLE W/FIFO 16-TSSOPSC16IS740IPW,112IC UART SINGLE W/FIFO 16-TSSOPTubeController2998 - Immediate
SC16IS740IPW,112 product page link
SC18IS600IPW,112 datasheet linkIC CONTROLLER SPI/I2C 16TSSOPSC18IS600IPW,112IC CONTROLLER SPI/I2C 16TSSOPTubeController2334 - Immediate
SC18IS600IPW,112 product page link
SC16IS752IPW,112 datasheet linkIC UART DUAL 12C/SPI 28TSSOPSC16IS752IPW,112IC UART DUAL 12C/SPI 28TSSOPTubeController2011 - Immediate
SC16IS752IPW,112 product page link
SC16IS752IBS,151 datasheet linkIC UART DUAL I2C/SPI 32-HVQFNSC16IS752IBS,151IC UART DUAL I2C/SPI 32-HVQFNTrayController6843 - Immediate
SC16IS752IBS,151 product page link
SC16IS762IBS,151 datasheet linkIC UART DUAL I2C/SPI 32-HVQFNSC16IS762IBS,151IC UART DUAL I2C/SPI 32-HVQFNTrayController1352 - Immediate
SC16IS762IBS,151 product page link
SC16C754BIB80,557 datasheet linkIC UART QUAD W/FIFO 80-LQFPSC16C754BIB80,557IC UART QUAD W/FIFO 80-LQFPTray4, QUART272 - Immediate
SC16C754BIB80,557 product page link
SC28C94A1A,512 datasheet linkIC UART QUAD W/FIFO 52-PLCCSC28C94A1A,512IC UART QUAD W/FIFO 52-PLCCTube4, QUART2274 - Immediate
SC28C94A1A,512 product page link
SC28L92A1B,557 datasheet linkIC UART DUAL W/FIFO 44QFPSC28L92A1B,557IC UART DUAL W/FIFO 44QFPTray2, DUART233 - Immediate
SC28L92A1B,557 product page link
SC16IS760IPW,112 datasheet linkIC UART 64BYTE 24TSSOPSC16IS760IPW,112IC UART 64BYTE 24TSSOPTubeController3830 - Immediate
SC16IS760IPW,112 product page link
SC16C754BIBM,151 datasheet linkIC UART QUAD W/FIFO 64-LQFPSC16C754BIBM,151IC UART QUAD W/FIFO 64-LQFPTray4, QUART168 - Immediate
SC16C754BIBM,151 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-02