LPC Series PWMs

PWM and Timer Applications featuring SCTimer/PWM

NXP Semiconductors

This presentation will discuss features and capabilities of this module, describe solutions to typical problems, introduce LPC devices, and provide website resources.

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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
LPC4370FET256EIC MCU ARM ROMLESS 256LBGA266 - Immediate
LPC4337JBD144EIC MCU ARM 1MB FLASH 144LQFP568 - Immediate
LPC4357FET256,551IC MCU ARM 1MB FLASH 256LBGA1382 - Immediate
LPC812M101JD20FPIC MCU ARM 16KB FLASH 20SOIC1021 - Immediate
LPC811M001JDH16FPIC MCU ARM 8KB FLASH 16TSSOP1487 - Immediate
LPC1517JBD48EIC MCU 32BIT ARM 48LQFP122 - Immediate
LPC1549JBD64QLIC MCU 32BIT ARM 64LQFP223 - Immediate
LPC4330FET100,551IC MCU ARM ROMLESS 100TFBGA260 - Immediate
LPC4330FBD144,551IC MCU ARM ROMLESS 144LQFP242 - Immediate
LPC1518JBD64EIC MCU 32BIT ARM 64LQFP300 - Immediate
LPC1830FET256,551IC MCU ARM ROMLESS 256LBGA182 - Immediate
LPC1850FET256,551IC MCU ARM ROMLESS 256LBGA347 - Immediate
LPC1519JBD100EIC MCU 32BIT ARM 100LQFP180 - Immediate
LPC4370FET100EIC MCU ARM ROMLESS 100TFBGA185 - Immediate
LPC812M101JDH20FPIC MCU ARM 16KB FLASH 20TSSOP489 - Immediate
LPC1517JBD64EIC MCU 32BIT ARM 64LQFP67 - Immediate
LPC1519JBD64EIC MCU 32BIT ARM 64LQFP83 - Immediate
LPC4330FET256,551IC MCU ARM ROMLESS 256LBGA96 - Immediate
LPC4350FET256,551IC MCU ARM ROMLESS 256LBGA90 - Immediate
LPC4310FBD144,551IC MCU ARM ROMLESS 144LQFP72 - Immediate
LPC1518JBD100EIC MCU 32BIT ARM 100LQFP87 - Immediate
LPC1549JBD100EIC MCU 32BIT ARM 100LQFP43 - Immediate
PSMN017-30PL,127MOSFET N-CH 30V 32A TO220AB0
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PTM Published on: 2014-03-20