Leadless and Leaded Logic Packages

Logic Packages

NXP Semiconductors

This tutorial will introduce NXP’s package offering for logic, analog switches and voltage translators.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingAvailable QuantityBuy Now
74LVC1G157GW,125IC SINGLE 2-INPUT MUX 6TSSOPTape & Reel (TR)45000 - Immediate
74HC14D,653IC HEX INVERTER SCHM TRIG 14SOICTape & Reel (TR)20000 - Immediate
74HC14D,652IC HEX INVERTER SCHM TRIG 14SOICTube6817 - Immediate
74AUP1G08GW,125IC GATE AND 1CH 2-INP 5-TSSOPTape & Reel (TR)3000 - Immediate
74HC595D,118IC SHIFT REGISTER 8BIT 16SOICTape & Reel (TR)27500 - Immediate
74HC595D,112IC SHIFT REGISTER 8BIT 16SOICTube4648 - Immediate
74HCT2G34GW,125IC BUFFER DL NON-INV 6TSSOPTape & Reel (TR)45000 - Immediate
74LVC2G17GV,125IC BUFF SCHMT TRG DL N-INV 6TSOPTape & Reel (TR)33000 - Immediate
74HC2G14GW,125IC SCHMITT TRIG DL INV 6TSSOPTape & Reel (TR)39000 - Immediate
74LVC2G08DC,125IC GATE AND 2CH 2-INP 8-VSSOPTape & Reel (TR)33000 - Immediate
74AUP1G74DC,125IC D-TYPE POS TRG SNGL 8VSSOPTape & Reel (TR)24000 - Immediate
74LVC2G14GV,125IC DUAL INV SCHMITT-TRIG 6TSOPTape & Reel (TR)12000 - Immediate
74HC573PW,118IC LATCH OCTAL D 3STATE 20TSSOPTape & Reel (TR)20000 - Immediate
74HC573PW,112IC LATCH TRANSP OCT D 20TSSOPTube1869 - Immediate
74AUP1T34GW,125IC BUFFER LOW PWR N-INV 5TSSOPTape & Reel (TR)21000 - Immediate
74AVC1T45GW,125IC TXRX TRI-ST DL SPLY 6TSSOPTape & Reel (TR)9000 - Immediate
74AUP1G332GM,115IC GATE OR 1CH 3-INP 6-XSONTape & Reel (TR)15000 - Immediate
74AUP1G332GM,132IC GATE OR 1CH 3-INP 6-XSONTape & Reel (TR)0
74AVCH2T45DC,125IC TXRX BUS 2BIT DUAL 3ST 8VSSOPTape & Reel (TR)21000 - Immediate
PCA9306D,118IC LEVEL TRANSLATOR 8-SOICTape & Reel (TR)22500 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-02