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This tutorial will provide an introduction to the NXP LCD driver portfolio, show the difference between segment drivers, character drivers and dot-matrix drivers. Further chip on glass technology for LCD displays will be explored.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingAvailable Quantity
PCF8562TT/2,118 datasheet linkIC LCD DRIVER 32/128SEG 48-TSSOPPCF8562TT/2,118IC LCD DRIVER 32/128SEG 48-TSSOPCut Tape (CT)17086 - Immediate
PCF8562TT/2,118 product page link
PCF8566T/1,118 datasheet linkIC LCD DVR UNVRSL LOW-MUX 40VSOPPCF8566T/1,118IC LCD DVR UNVRSL LOW-MUX 40VSOPCut Tape (CT)1998 - Immediate
PCF8566T/1,118 product page link
PCF8566T/1,112 datasheet linkIC LCD DVR UNVRSL LOW-MUX 40VSOPPCF8566T/1,112IC LCD DVR UNVRSL LOW-MUX 40VSOPTube0PCF8566T/1,112 product page link
PCF8576DT/2,118 datasheet linkIC LCD DRIVER 40/160SEG 56TSSOPPCF8576DT/2,118IC LCD DRIVER 40/160SEG 56TSSOPCut Tape (CT)7774 - Immediate
PCF8576DT/2,118 product page link
PCF2111CT/1,118 datasheet linkIC LCD DRIVER 64SEG 40-VSOPPCF2111CT/1,118IC LCD DRIVER 64SEG 40-VSOPCut Tape (CT)5004 - Immediate
PCF2111CT/1,118 product page link
OM4068H/2,518 datasheet linkIC LCD DRIVER 44-QFPOM4068H/2,518IC LCD DRIVER 44-QFPCut Tape (CT)1921 - Immediate
OM4068H/2,518 product page link
PCF8577CT/3,118 datasheet linkIC LCD DRIVER 32/64SEG 40-VSOPPCF8577CT/3,118IC LCD DRIVER 32/64SEG 40-VSOPCut Tape (CT)2649 - Immediate
PCF8577CT/3,118 product page link
PCF8576T/1,118 datasheet linkIC LCD DRV UNVRSL LOW-MUX 56VSOPPCF8576T/1,118IC LCD DRV UNVRSL LOW-MUX 56VSOPCut Tape (CT)41 - Immediate
PCF8576T/1,118 product page link
PCF8579T/1,112 datasheet linkIC LCD COLUMN DRIVER 56-VSOPPCF8579T/1,112IC LCD COLUMN DRIVER 56-VSOPTube406 - Immediate
PCF8579T/1,112 product page link
PCF8576T/1,112 datasheet linkIC LCD DRV UNVRSL LOW-MUX 56VSOPPCF8576T/1,112IC LCD DRV UNVRSL LOW-MUX 56VSOPTube116 - Immediate
PCF8576T/1,112 product page link
PCF2112CT/1,118 datasheet linkIC LCD DRIVER 32SEG 40-VSOPPCF2112CT/1,118IC LCD DRIVER 32SEG 40-VSOPCut Tape (CT)580 - Immediate
PCF2112CT/1,118 product page link
PCF8578T/1,118 datasheet linkIC LCD DRVR ROW/CLMN 56-VSOPPCF8578T/1,118IC LCD DRVR ROW/CLMN 56-VSOPTape & Reel (TR)0PCF8578T/1,118 product page link
PCF8579T/1,118 datasheet linkIC LCD COLUMN DRIVER 56-VSOPPCF8579T/1,118IC LCD COLUMN DRIVER 56-VSOPTape & Reel (TR)0PCF8579T/1,118 product page link
PCF8578T/1,112 datasheet linkIC LCD DRVR ROW/CLMN 56-VSOPPCF8578T/1,112IC LCD DRVR ROW/CLMN 56-VSOPTube0PCF8578T/1,112 product page link
PCF8576CT/1,118 datasheet linkIC LCD DVR UNVRSL LOW-MUX 56VSOPPCF8576CT/1,118IC LCD DVR UNVRSL LOW-MUX 56VSOPCut Tape (CT)0PCF8576CT/1,118 product page link
PCF2113DH/4,557 datasheet linkIC LCD CONTROLLER/DRIVER 100LQFPPCF2113DH/4,557IC LCD CONTROLLER/DRIVER 100LQFPTray0PCF2113DH/4,557 product page link

Demo Board

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMain PurposeEmbeddedUtilized IC / PartAvailable Quantity
OM6290,598 datasheet linkDEMO BOARD LCD GRAPHIC DRIVEROM6290,598DEMO BOARD LCD GRAPHIC DRIVERDisplays, LCD ControllerYes, MCU, 16/32-BitPCF2119, PCF8531, PCF85763 - Immediate
OM6290,598 product page link
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