Electronic Ballast

High Frequency Fluorescent Lighting Ballasts IC Family

NXP Semiconductors

This presentation will provide an overview of the UBA2016A/15/15A fluorescent lamp drivers and take a look at how fluorescent lighting will remain a large portion of the market in the coming years.
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UBA2015AT/1,118IC LAMP DVR FLUORES 600V 20-SOIC3975 -

UBA2016AT/1,118IC LAMP DVR FLUORES 600V 20-SOIC1965 -

UBA2015AP/1,112IC LAMP DVR FLUORES 600V 20-DIP750 -

UBA2016AP/1,112IC LAMP DVR FLUORES 600V 20-DIP786 -

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PTM Published on: 2011-12-29