IC CAN Controller Extended Temp 18DIP

CAN and LIN Bus Transceiver

NXP Semiconductors

This tutorial will provide an an introduction to automotive In-Vehicle Network (IVN) bus transceivers and provide an overview of related products from NXP semiconductors.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
TJA1050T/CM,118IC TRANSCEIVER CAN 8SOIC44148 - Immediate
TJA1020T/CM,118IC TRANSCEIVER LIN 8SOIC7823 - Immediate
TJA1040T/CM,118IC TRANSCEIVER CAN 8SOIC18250 - Immediate
TJA1055T/3/C,518IC TXRX CAN FAULT-TOL 14SOIC7236 - Immediate
PCA82C250T/YM,118IC TXRX CAN INTERFACE 8SOIC15191 - Immediate
PCA82C251T/YM,118IC TXRX CAN 24V 8SOIC16868 - Immediate
TJA1041AT/CM,118IC TRANSCEIVER CAN 14SOIC14706 - Immediate
TJA1041T/CM,118IC TRANSCEIVER CAN 14SOIC4803 - Immediate
TJA1055T/C,518IC TXRX CAN FAULT-TOL 14SOIC2963 - Immediate
PCA82C250T/YM,112IC CAN CNTRL INTERFACE 8-SO4716 - Immediate
PCA82C250T/YM,115IC CAN CNTRL INTERFACE 8-SO2138 - Immediate
PCA82C251T/YM,112IC CAN TXRX 24V 8SOIC1905 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-02