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The intent of this tutorial is to provide you with an overview of the LPC2000 Flash memory. You will learn about the External Memory Controller and the Memory Accelerator Module. You will also learn about Flash programming techniques and various Boot loader features. Finally, you will learn about code protection on the LPC2000 device.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingCore ProcessorCore SizeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
LPC2101FBD48,151IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 8K 48-LQFPTrayARM7®16/32-Bit4147 - Immediate
LPC2103FBD48,151IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 32K 48-LQFPTrayARM7®16/32-Bit1924 - Immediate
LPC2220FBD144,551IC ARM7 MCU RAM 64K 144-LQFPTrayARM7®16/32-Bit180 - Immediate
LPC2368FBD100,551IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 512K 100LQFPTrayARM7®16/32-Bit4515 - Immediate
LPC2146FBD64,151IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 256K 64LQFPTrayARM7®16/32-Bit562 - Immediate
LPC2378FBD144,551IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 512K 144LQFPTrayARM7®16/32-Bit1800 - Immediate
LPC2148FBD64,151IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 512K 64LQFPTrayARM7®16/32-Bit1571 - Immediate
LPC2144FBD64,151IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 128K 64LQFPTrayARM7®16/32-Bit412 - Immediate
LPC2366FBD100,551IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 256K 100LQFPTrayARM7®16/32-Bit267 - Immediate
LPC2141FBD64,151IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 32K 64LQFPTrayARM7®16/32-Bit307 - Immediate
LPC2364FBD100,551IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 128K 100LQFPTrayARM7®16/32-Bit8929 - Immediate
LPC2142FBD64,151IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 64K 64LQFPTrayARM7®16/32-Bit357 - Immediate
LPC2102FBD48,151IC ARM7 MCU FLASH 16K 48-LQFPTrayARM7®16/32-Bit0
LPC2220FET144/G,55IC ARM7 MCU 64KRAM ADC 144-TFBGATrayARM7®16/32-Bit0
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-02