Real Time Clock

Accurate Real Time Clock Series

NXP Semiconductors

This presentation will cover Real Time Clock (RTC) basics as well as examine NXP Semiconductor’s Accurate series of RTCs with integrated temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO).
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
PCF2123TS/1,118IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR SPI 14-TSSOP17900 - Immediate
PCF8523TK/1,118IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR I2C 8-HVSON19375 - Immediate
PCF8523T/1,118IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR I2C 8-SOIC21594 - Immediate
PCA8565TS/1,118IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR I2C 8-TSSOP3711 - Immediate
PCF2123BS/1,512IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR SPI 16-HVQFN12000 - Immediate
PCF8583T/5,518IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR I2C 8-SOIC3212 - Immediate
PCF2127AT/2YIC RTC CLK/CAL I2C/SPI 20-SOIC5949 - Immediate
PCF8523TS/1,118IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR I2C 14-TSSOP5336 - Immediate
PCF8593T/1,118IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR I2C 8-SOIC4120 - Immediate
PCF8523TS/1,112IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR I2C 14-TSSOP2192 - Immediate
PCF8583P/F5,112IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR I2C 8-DIP2339 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2012-01-03