LED Module

Fresnel Lens LED Module

NMB Technologies Corporation

This module will provide an introduction to NMB’s new LED Module with Ultra Thin Lens and technical background of the optical lens technology.  It will also describe common applications and introduce available models.
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UL64064-L07LED MODULE 12DEG BEAM 3000KLED ModuleWhite, Warm63 -

UL64064-L11LED MODULE 25DEG BEAM 2700KLED ModuleWhite, Warm74 -

UL64064-L12LED MODULE 55DEG BEAM 2700KLED ModuleWhite, Warm74 -

UL64064-L09LED MODULE 55DEG BEAM 3000KLED ModuleWhite, Warm73 -

UL64064-L10LED MODULE 12DEG BEAM 2700KLED ModuleWhite, Warm73 -

UL64064-L08LED MODULE 25DEG BEAM 3000KLED ModuleWhite, Warm72 -

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PTM Published on: 2014-02-13