Medium Power DC/DC Converters

Medium Power Industrial DC/DC Converters 5 ~ 60W

Murata Power Solutions Inc

This tutorial covers the main features of the Medium Power DC/DC converters line, and provides a broad overview of Murata’s product offering.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingTypeNumber of OutputsAvailable QuantityBuy Now
UEI15-120-Q48N-CCONV DC/DC 15.6W 12V 1.3ATubeIsolated Module1857 - Immediate
UEI15-050-Q48N-CCONV DC/DC 15W 5V 3ATubeIsolated Module1710 - Immediate
UEI15-050-Q12P-CCONV DC/DC 15W 5V 3ATubeIsolated Module13279 - Immediate
UEI15-120-Q12P-CCONV DC/DC 15.6W 12V 1.3ATubeIsolated Module1528 - Immediate
UEI15-033-Q12P-CCONV DC/DC 14.85W 3.3V 4.5ATubeIsolated Module1180 - Immediate
NPH10S2405ICCONV DC/DC 10W 24VIN 5.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module1418 - Immediate
NPH10S2412ICCONV DC/DC 10W24VIN 12.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module1264 - Immediate
NPH10S2403ICCONV DC/DC 10W 24VIN 3.4VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module1292 - Immediate
NPH10S2405EICCONV DC/DC 10W 24VIN 5.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module1157 - Immediate
UEI30-050-Q48N-CCONVERT DC/DC 30W 5V SNGL NEGTrayIsolated Module1139 - Immediate
NPH15S2415ICCONV DC/DC 15W24VIN 15.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module11004 - Immediate
NPH15S2405ICCONV DC/DC 15W 24VIN 5.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module1116 - Immediate
NPH15S2412ICCONV DC/DC 15W24VIN 12.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module1122 - Immediate
BWR-12/725-D24A-CCONV DC/DC +/-12V +/-725MA DIPTubeIsolated Module2687 - Immediate
UWR-5/3000-D24A-CCONV DC/DC 5V 3000MA SGL A T/HTubeIsolated Module1552 - Immediate
UHE-12/2500-Q12-CCONV DC/DC 2.5A 12V T/HTubeIsolated Module1262 - Immediate
BWR-15/575-D24A-CCONV DC/DC +/-15V +/-575MA DIPTubeIsolated Module2204 - Immediate
UHE-5/5000-Q12-CCONV DC/DC 5A 5V T/HTubeIsolated Module11567 - Immediate
UHE-5/6000-Q12-CCONV DC/DC 6A 5V T/HTubeIsolated Module11003 - Immediate
UHE-3.3/7500-Q12-CCONV DC/DC 7.5A 3.3V T/HTubeIsolated Module1381 - Immediate
UWR-5/8-D24A-CCONV DC/DC 5V 8A SINGLE A T/HTubeIsolated Module1504 - Immediate
BWR-5/6-3.3/7-D24-CCONV DC/DC 5/3.3V 6/7A DIPTubeIsolated Module2364 - Immediate
UWR-5/2000-D12A-CCONV DC/DC 5V 2000MA SGL A T/HTubeIsolated Module1717 - Immediate
UWR-5/1600-D5A-CCONV DC/DC 5V 1600MA SGL A T/HTubeIsolated Module1352 - Immediate
BWR-15/330-D48A-CCONV DC/DC +/-15V +/-330MA DIPTubeIsolated Module2272 - Immediate
UWR-12/665-D5A-CCONV DC/DC 12V 665MA SGL A T/HTubeIsolated Module1196 - Immediate
BWR-12/415-D12A-CCONV DC/DC +/-12V +/-415MA DIPTubeIsolated Module2164 - Immediate
BWR-15/330-D12A-CCONV DC/DC +/-15V +/-330MA DIPTubeIsolated Module2147 - Immediate
UWR-5.2/1500-D5A-CCONV DC/DC 5.2V 1500MA SGL A T/HTubeIsolated Module1137 - Immediate
BWR-12/415-D48A-CCONV DC/DC +/-12V +/-415MA DIPTubeIsolated Module266 - Immediate
TWR-5/1000-15/200-D24A-CCONV DC/DC TRI OUT 5,15,-15VTubeIsolated Module3163 - Immediate
UWR-5/2000-D24E-CCONV DC/DC 5V 2000MA SGL E T/HTubeIsolated Module1152 - Immediate
BWR-12/830-D12A-CCONV DC/DC +/-12V +/-830MA DIPTubeIsolated Module2154 - Immediate
BWR-15/670-D12A-CCONV DC/DC +/-15V +/-670MA DIPTubeIsolated Module299 - Immediate
UWR-5/4000-D48A-CCONV DC/DC 5V 4000MA SINGLE ATubeIsolated Module188 - Immediate
UWR-5/4000-D12A-CCONV DC/DC 5V 4000MA SINGLE ATubeIsolated Module186 - Immediate
TWR-5/3000-12/500-D12A-CCONV DC/DC TRI OUT 5,12,-12VTubeIsolated Module3547 - Immediate
TWR-5/3000-15/500-D12A-CCONV DC/DC TRI OUT 5,15,-15VTubeIsolated Module3272 - Immediate
UEI15-033-Q48N-CCONV DC/DC 16.5W 3.3V 5ATubeIsolated Module1130 - Immediate
NPH15S2405EICCONV DC/DC 15W 24VIN 5.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module1179 - Immediate
UEI-5/12-Q48NR-CCONV DC/DC 60W 5V 12ATubeIsolated Module1154 - Immediate
BWR-5/500-D24-CCONV DC/DC +/-5V +/-500MA DIPTubeIsolated Module2309 - Immediate
UEI-3.3/15-Q12PR-CCONV DC/DC 49.5W 3.3V 15ATubeIsolated Module11501 - Immediate
UWR-5/1800-D48A-CCONV DC/DC 5V 1800MA SGL A T/HTubeIsolated Module1286 - Immediate
NPH10S4805ICCONV DC/DC 10W 48VIN 5.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module1106 - Immediate
UWR-3.3/4250-D48A-CCONV DC/DC 3.3V 4250MA SINGLE ATubeIsolated Module1546 - Immediate
BWR-5/700-D48A-CCONV DC/DC +/-5V +/-700MA DIPTubeIsolated Module2346 - Immediate
NPH10S2412EICCONV DC/DC 10W24VIN 12.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module147 - Immediate
UWR-12/1250-D24A-CCONV DC/DC 12V 1250MA SINGLE ATubeIsolated Module182 - Immediate
UEI-5/10-Q12PR-CCONV DC/DC 50W 5V 10ATubeIsolated Module186 - Immediate
BWR-5/6-3.3/7-D12-CCONV DC/DC 5/3.3V 6/7A DIPTubeIsolated Module24 - Immediate
UWR-3.3/4250-D24A-CCONV DC/DC 3.3V 4250MA SINGLE ATubeIsolated Module126 - Immediate
NPH10S4805EICCONV DC/DC 10W 48VIN 5.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module189 - Immediate
NPH15S4812ICCONV DC/DC 15W48VIN 12.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module146 - Immediate
NPH15S4815ICCONV DC/DC 15W48VIN 15.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module130 - Immediate
NPH15S2403ICCONV DC/DC 15W 24VIN 3.4VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module120 - Immediate
NPH15S2412EICCONV DC/DC 15W24VIN 12.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module120 - Immediate
BWR-12/725-D48A-CCONV DC/DC +/-12V +/-725MA DIPTubeIsolated Module27 - Immediate
NPH25S2405ICCONV DC/DC 25W 24VIN 5.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module125 - Immediate
UHE-12/2500-Q48N-CCONV DC/DC 2.5A 12V T/HTubeIsolated Module181 - Immediate
UEI15-150-Q12P-CCONV DC/DC 16.5W 15V 1.1ATubeIsolated Module10
NPH10S2415ICCONV DC/DC 10W24VIN 15.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module10
UWR-12/1250-D12A-CCONV DC/DC 12V 1250MA SINGLE ATubeIsolated Module10
UHE-15/2000-Q12-CCONV DC/DC 2A 15V T/HTubeIsolated Module10
NPH15S4805ICCONV DC/DC 15W 48VIN 5.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module11 - Immediate
UEI15-150-Q48N-CCONV DC/DC 16.5W 15V 1.1ATubeIsolated Module10
NPH10S4803ICCONV DC/DC 10W 48VIN 3.4VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module10
UEI30-050-Q48P-CCONVERT DC/DC 30W 5V SNGL POSTrayIsolated Module10
UWR-5/3000-D48A-CCONV DC/DC 5V 3000MA SGL A T/HTubeIsolated Module10
UWR-3.3/4250-D24ACT-CCONV DC/DC 3.3V 4250MA SINGLE ATubeIsolated Module10
NPH15S4803EICCONV DC/DC 15W 48VIN 3.4VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module10
NPH15S4803ICCONV DC/DC 15W 48VIN 3.4VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module10
NPH25S2415EICCONV DC/DC 25W24VIN 15.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module15 - Immediate
UEI-3.3/18-Q48NR-CCONV DC/DC 59.4W 3.3V 18ATubeIsolated Module10
BWR-5/3-3.3/4.25-D24A-CCONV DC/DC 5/3.3V 3/4.25A DIPTubeIsolated Module20
UWR-12/1650-D12A-CCONV DC/DC 12V 1650MA SINGLE ATubeIsolated Module10
UWR-15/1300-D48A-CCONV DC/DC 15V 1300MA SINGLE ATubeIsolated Module10
NPH25S2403ICCONV DC/DC 25W 24VIN 3.4VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module10
NPH25S2405EICCONV DC/DC 25W 24VIN 5.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module10
NPH25S2412ICCONV DC/DC 25W24VIN 12.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module10
NPH25S2415ICCONV DC/DC 25W24VIN 15.1VOUT DIPTubeIsolated Module10
BWR-5/1500-D48A-CCONV DC/DC +/-5V +/-1500MA DIPTubeIsolated Module20
BWR-5/250-D12-CCONV DC/DC +/-5V +/-250MA DIPTubeIsolated Module20
UHE-15/2000-Q48N-CCONV DC/DC 2A 15V T/HTubeIsolated Module10
UHE-3.3/7500-Q48N-CCONV DC/DC 7.5A 3.3V T/HTubeIsolated Module10
UHE-5/5000-Q48N-CCONV DC/DC 5A 5V T/HTubeIsolated Module10
UHE-5/6000-Q48T-CCONV DC/DC 6A 5V T/HTubeIsolated Module10
UWR-3.3/4250-D48ACT-CCONV DC/DC 3.3V 4250MA SINGLE ATubeIsolated Module10
UWR-12/250-D5-CCONV DC/DC 12V 250MA SINGLETubeIsolated Module10
UWR-12/830-D12A-CCONV DC/DC 12V 830MA SGL A T/HTubeIsolated Module10
UWR-3.3/9-D48A-CCONV DC/DC 3.3V 9A SGL A T/HTubeIsolated Module10
UWR-5/8-D48A-CCONV DC/DC 5V 8A SINGLE A T/HTubeIsolated Module10
UWR-5/7-D12A-CCONV DC/DC 5V 7A SINGLE A T/HTubeIsolated Module10
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