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This tutorial will provide some basic technical explanations of magnetics, as well as review Murata Power Solution’s magnetic product portfolio.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingFilter TypeNumber of LinesAvailable Quantity
50475C datasheet linkCMC 4.7MH 400MA 2LN SMD50475CCMC 4.7MH 400MA 2LN SMDCut Tape (CT)Power Line27243 - Immediate
50475C product page link
50474C datasheet linkCMC 470UH 700MA 2LN SMD50474CCMC 470UH 700MA 2LN SMDCut Tape (CT)Power Line26162 - Immediate
50474C product page link
50225C datasheet linkCMC 2.2MH 500MA 2LN SMD50225CCMC 2.2MH 500MA 2LN SMDCut Tape (CT)Power Line26834 - Immediate
50225C product page link
50105C datasheet linkCMC 1MH 700MA 2LN SMD50105CCMC 1MH 700MA 2LN SMDCut Tape (CT)Power Line23755 - Immediate
50105C product page link
51105C datasheet linkCOMMON MODE CHOKE 3.3A 2LN TH51105CCOMMON MODE CHOKE 3.3A 2LN THTrayPower Line22284 - Immediate
51105C product page link
52305C datasheet linkCOMMON MODE CHOKE 3.5A 2LN TH52305CCOMMON MODE CHOKE 3.5A 2LN THTrayPower Line2724 - Immediate
52305C product page link
51504C datasheet linkCOMMON MODE CHOKE 4.1A 2LN TH51504CCOMMON MODE CHOKE 4.1A 2LN THTrayPower Line2933 - Immediate
51504C product page link
51305C datasheet linkCOMMON MODE CHOKE 1.9A 2LN TH51305CCOMMON MODE CHOKE 1.9A 2LN THTrayPower Line2874 - Immediate
51305C product page link
51505C datasheet linkCOMMON MODE CHOKE 1.2A 2LN TH51505CCOMMON MODE CHOKE 1.2A 2LN THTrayPower Line2813 - Immediate
51505C product page link
52106C datasheet linkCOMMON MODE CHOKE 1.7A 2LN TH52106CCOMMON MODE CHOKE 1.7A 2LN THTrayPower Line2312 - Immediate
52106C product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-06-01