Low Power DC/DC Converter

Low Power DC/DC Converters <5W

Murata Power Solutions Inc

This tutorial will cover the main features of Murata’s low power industrial DC/DC converters less than 5W, and will provide an overview of the broad product line.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingTypeNumber of OutputsAvailable QuantityBuy Now
LME0505SCCONV DC/DC .25W 5VIN 5VOUT SIPTubeIsolated Module11168 - Immediate
NDTD0512CCONV DC/DC 3W 5VIN 12VOUT DIP24TubeIsolated Module21965 - Immediate
NDTD0505CCONV DC/DC 3W 5VIN 5VOUT DIP24TubeIsolated Module2253 - Immediate
NDL2412SCCONV DC/DC 2W 24VIN 12VOUT SIPTubeIsolated Module1506 - Immediate
NDL2405SCCONV DC/DC 2W 24VIN 5VOUT SIPTubeIsolated Module1484 - Immediate
NDL2409SCCONV DC/DC 2W 24VIN 9VOUT SIPTubeIsolated Module1479 - Immediate
NDL1205SCCONV DC/DC 2W 12VIN 5VOUT SIPTubeIsolated Module1460 - Immediate
NDL1215SCCONV DC/DC 2W 12VIN 15VOUT SIPTubeIsolated Module1357 - Immediate
NDL2415SCCONV DC/DC 2W 24VIN 15VOUT SIPTubeIsolated Module1234 - Immediate
LME1205SCCONV DC/DC .25W 12VIN 5VOUT SIPTubeIsolated Module1111 - Immediate
NDH2412SCCONV DC/DC 3W 24VIN 12VOUT SIPTubeIsolated Module22910 - Immediate
NDH2415SCCONV DC/DC 3W 24VIN 15VOUT SIPTubeIsolated Module22798 - Immediate
NDL0512SCCONV DC/DC 2W 5VIN 12VOUT SIPTubeIsolated Module1216 - Immediate
NDL4805SCCONV DC/DC 2W 48VIN 5VOUT SIPTubeIsolated Module1259 - Immediate
NDTD0503CCONV DC/DC 3W 5VIN 3.3VOUT DIP24TubeIsolated Module227 - Immediate
NDL0505SCCONV DC/DC 2W 5VIN 5VOUT SIPTubeIsolated Module150 - Immediate
NDL1212SCCONV DC/DC 2W 12VIN 12VOUT SIPTubeIsolated Module139 - Immediate
LME0515SCCONV DC/DC .25W 5VIN 15VOUT SIPTubeIsolated Module177 - Immediate
LME0512SCCONV DC/DC .25W 5VIN 12VOUT SIPTubeIsolated Module10
LME1212SCCONV DC/DC .25W 12VIN 12VOUT SIPTubeIsolated Module10
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-28