2-Wire Meter +6-75VDC Red LED

DMR20 NPI Overview

Murata Power Solutions Inc

This presentation will highlight the features and benefits of the new DMR20 series of self-powered AC and DC LED digital voltmeters. There will be a review of IEC IP and NEMA enclosure ratings. Ordering information, installation requirements, and tooling will be provided, and markets and applications will be discussed.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
DMR20-10-DCM-R-C datasheet linkVOLTMETER 6-75VDC LED PANEL MTDMR20-10-DCM-R-CVOLTMETER 6-75VDC LED PANEL MT275 - Immediate
DMR20-10-DCM-R-C product page link
DMR20-1-ACV-R-C datasheet linkVOLTMETER 85-264VAC LED PANEL MTDMR20-1-ACV-R-CVOLTMETER 85-264VAC LED PANEL MT153 - Immediate
DMR20-1-ACV-R-C product page link
DMR20-1-KP datasheet link1.2 (30.5MM) NO KEY HOLE PUNCHDMR20-1-KP1.2 (30.5MM) NO KEY HOLE PUNCH2 - Immediate
DMR20-1-KP product page link
DMR20-3-KP datasheet linkCUTTER NIBBLERDMR20-3-KPCUTTER NIBBLER0DMR20-3-KP product page link
DMR20-2-KP datasheet link1.2 (30.5MM) KEYED HOLE PUNCHDMR20-2-KP1.2 (30.5MM) KEYED HOLE PUNCH0DMR20-2-KP product page link
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PTM Published on: 2013-08-07