6000A and 6000B Inductors

6000A and 6000B Series Surface Mount Power Inductors

Murata Power Solutions Inc

This training module will provide a brief overview of their new surface mount power inductors, the 6000A and 6000B Series, designed to be used for energy storage, and input or output filtering of DC/DC converters. If users would like further information after viewing this module, the contact details for Murata’s sales support team will be provided at the end of this presentation.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeBuy Now
60B104CFIXED IND 100UH 7.5A 25 MOHM SMDWirewound
60A103CFIXED IND 10.2UH 12A 7 MOHM SMDWirewound
60A782CFIXED IND 7.8UH 13.5A 6 MOHM SMDWirewound
60A163CFIXED IND 16UH 9.6A 9 MOHM SMDWirewound
60A193CFIXED IND 19.4UH 8.5A 11 MOHMWirewound
60A363CFIXED IND 36UH 6.4A 20 MOHM SMDWirewound
60A313CFIXED IND 31.4UH 6.8A 18 MOHMWirewound
60A583CFIXED IND 57.8UH 4.9A 36 MOHMWirewound
60B474CFIXED IND 470UH 3.5A 100 MOHMWirewound
60A413CFIXED IND 41UH 5.6A 26 MOHM SMDWirewound
60A273CFIXED IND 27UH 7.5A 15 MOHM SMDWirewound
60A233CFIXED IND 23UH 8.4A 12 MOHM SMDWirewound
60B154CFIXED IND 150UH 6A 38 MOHM SMDWirewound
60B683CFIXED IND 68UH 9A 17 MOHM SMDWirewound
60B224CFIXED IND 220UH 5A 50 MOHM SMDWirewound
60A582CFIXED IND 5.8UH 14.5A 5 MOHM SMDWirewound
60B684CFIXED IND 680UH 3A 135 MOHM SMDWirewound
60B473CFIXED IND 47UH 10.5A 13 MOHM SMDWirewound
60B334CFIXED IND 330UH 4A 80 MOHM SMDWirewound
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PTM Published on: 2012-07-27