Connector Receptacle R/A .8mm 68POS PCB

Ultra+™ VHDCI I/O Connectors

Molex Connector Corporation

Ultra+™ VHDCI I/O  circuit connectors are designed for high performance memory transfer applications supporting the latest SCSI style interfaces.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
0714300008 datasheet linkCONN RECEPT R/A .8MM 68POS PCB0714300008CONN RECEPT R/A .8MM 68POS PCB713 - Immediate
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0714300006 datasheet linkCONN RECEPT R/A .8MM 68POS PCB0714300006CONN RECEPT R/A .8MM 68POS PCB385 - Immediate
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0737760201 datasheet linkCONN RECEPT .8MM 68POS SMD0737760201CONN RECEPT .8MM 68POS SMD2650 - Immediate
0737760201 product page link
71433-0002 datasheet linkCONN JACK SCREW M2 0.197"71433-0002CONN JACK SCREW M2 0.197"12355 - Immediate
71433-0002 product page link
71430-0268 datasheet linkCONN RECEPT R/A .8MM 68POS PCB71430-0268CONN RECEPT R/A .8MM 68POS PCB268 - Immediate
71430-0268 product page link
0743370051 datasheet linkCONN RECEPT R/A .8MM 136POS T/H0743370051CONN RECEPT R/A .8MM 136POS T/H211 - Immediate
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0799180080 datasheet linkCABLE ASSY VHDCI-VHDCI 68POS 1M0799180080CABLE ASSY VHDCI-VHDCI 68POS 1M101 - Immediate
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0743370015 datasheet linkCONN RECEPT R/A .8MM 136POS PCB0743370015CONN RECEPT R/A .8MM 136POS PCB69 - Immediate
0743370015 product page link
0714300004 datasheet linkCONN RECEPT R/A .8MM 68POS PCB0714300004CONN RECEPT R/A .8MM 68POS PCB00714300004 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-02