Connector Plug 64POS Vertical 1MM SMD

IEEE 1386 Mezzanine Connector

Molex Connector Corporation

This tutorial will introduce Molex’s Mezzanine Connector series as well as its applications and benefits.
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0714390464CONN RECPT 64POS VERT 1MM SMD2192 - Immediate
0714362464CONN PLUG 64POS VERT 1MM SMD2415 - Immediate
0714390164CONN RECPT 64POS VERT 1MM SMD998 - Immediate
0714362164CONN PLUG 64POS VERT 1MM SMD1138 - Immediate
0714360464CONN PLUG 64POS VERT 1MM SMD834 - Immediate
0714390364CONN RECPT 64POS VERT 1MM SMD645 - Immediate
71439-2464CONN RECPT 64POS VERT 1MM SMD695 - Immediate
0714392864CONN RECPT 64POS VERT 1MM SMD2544 - Immediate
0714361464CONN PLUG 64POS VERT 1MM SMD478 - Immediate
0714391464CONN RECPT 64POS VERT 1MM SMD879 - Immediate
0714393864CONN RECPT 64POS VERT 1MM SMD1042 - Immediate
0714391164CONN RECPT 64POS VERT 1MM SMD762 - Immediate
0714362864CONN PLUG 64POS VERT 1MM SMD724 - Immediate
0714393164CONN RECPT 64POS VERT 1MM SMD473 - Immediate
71439-3464CONN RECPT 64POS VERT 1MM SMD620 - Immediate
0714390864CONN RCPT 64POS VERT 1MM SMD1100 - Immediate
0714391864CONN RECPT 64POS VERT 1MM SMD1131 - Immediate
0714392164CONN RECPT 64POS VERT 1MM SMD490 - Immediate
71436-0164CONN PLUG 64POS VERT 1MM SMD12 - Immediate
71436-1164CONN PLUG 64POS VERT 1MM SMD20 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-02