Plug Housing 4POS 1.25 Wire-BRD

CLIK-Mate™ 1.25 SMT Wire-to-Board Connectors

Molex Connector Corporation

This tutorial will introduce the designer to the CLIK-Mate 1.25 product line which is one of the smallest positive lock wire-to-board families on the market.  This tutorial will also provide an overview of the technical specifications of the CLIK-Mate1.25 product as well as list some application examples. Additionally, it will cover the part numbering scheme to familiarize the designer with the many options available for ordering.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
PLUG TERM 1.25 26-28AWG TIN5023810000PLUG TERM 1.25 26-28AWG TIN163735 - Immediate
PLUG HSG 4POS 1.25 WIRE-BRD5023800400PLUG HSG 4POS 1.25 WIRE-BRD2508 - Immediate
PLUG HSG 5POS 1.25 WIRE-BRD5023800500PLUG HSG 5POS 1.25 WIRE-BRD10923 - Immediate
1.25 W/B SGL S/T REC ASSY 3CKT50238203701.25 W/B SGL S/T REC ASSY 3CKT10537 - Immediate
1.25 W/B SINGLE PLG HSG 14CKT50238014001.25 W/B SINGLE PLG HSG 14CKT2719 - Immediate
PLUG HSG 6POS 1.25 WIRE-BRD5023800600PLUG HSG 6POS 1.25 WIRE-BRD259 - Immediate
1.25 W/B SGL R/A REC ASSY 6CKT50238606701.25 W/B SGL R/A REC ASSY 6CKT363 - Immediate
KIT CONN CLIK-MATE 1.25MM76650-0185KIT CONN CLIK-MATE 1.25MM2 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-05-06