Pin Receptacles

Pin Receptacles

Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp.

This tutorial will provide an overview of Mill-Max’s precision machined pin receptacles, cover their electrical specifications, explain the benefits of these parts, and list their target applications.

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingTail TypeAvailable Quantity
0337-0-67-80-15-27-10-0 datasheet linkCONN PIN RCPT .020-.032 SOLDER0337-0-67-80-15-27-10-0CONN PIN RCPT .020-.032 SOLDERCut Tape (CT)No Tail10995 - Immediate
0337-0-67-80-15-27-10-0 product page link
5359-0-67-80-10-27-10-0 datasheet linkCONN PIN RCPT .012-.017 SOLDER5359-0-67-80-10-27-10-0CONN PIN RCPT .012-.017 SOLDERCut Tape (CT)No Tail6267 - Immediate
5359-0-67-80-10-27-10-0 product page link
0321-0-67-80-08-27-10-0 datasheet linkCONN PIN RCPT .084-.102 SOLDER0321-0-67-80-08-27-10-0CONN PIN RCPT .084-.102 SOLDERCut Tape (CT)No Tail5953 - Immediate
0321-0-67-80-08-27-10-0 product page link
8947-0-15-15-10-27-10-0 datasheet linkCONN PIN RCPT .012-.017 SOLDER8947-0-15-15-10-27-10-0CONN PIN RCPT .012-.017 SOLDERBulkNo Tail30965 - Immediate
8947-0-15-15-10-27-10-0 product page link
0332-0-67-80-18-27-10-0 datasheet linkCONN PIN RCPT .037-.043 SOLDER0332-0-67-80-18-27-10-0CONN PIN RCPT .037-.043 SOLDERCut Tape (CT)No Tail13225 - Immediate
0332-0-67-80-18-27-10-0 product page link
8331-0-15-15-18-27-10-0 datasheet linkCONN PIN RCPT .037-.043 SOLDER8331-0-15-15-18-27-10-0CONN PIN RCPT .037-.043 SOLDERBulkNo Tail7154 - Immediate
8331-0-15-15-18-27-10-0 product page link
3100-0-15-15-34-27-10-0 datasheet linkCONN PIN RCPT .032-.046 SOLDER3100-0-15-15-34-27-10-0CONN PIN RCPT .032-.046 SOLDERBulkNo Tail4766 - Immediate
3100-0-15-15-34-27-10-0 product page link
0391-0-15-80-07-27-10-0 datasheet linkCONN PIN RCPT .065-.082 SOLDER0391-0-15-80-07-27-10-0CONN PIN RCPT .065-.082 SOLDERBulkNo Tail1216 - Immediate
0391-0-15-80-07-27-10-0 product page link
8874-0-15-15-11-27-10-0 datasheet linkCONN PIN RCPT .015-.020 SMD8874-0-15-15-11-27-10-0CONN PIN RCPT .015-.020 SMDBulkNo Tail4634 - Immediate
8874-0-15-15-11-27-10-0 product page link
8894-0-15-15-12-27-10-0 datasheet linkCONN PIN RCPT .015-.022 HEX8894-0-15-15-12-27-10-0CONN PIN RCPT .015-.022 HEXBulkNo Tail725 - Immediate
8894-0-15-15-12-27-10-0 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-01