Organic Fibre Plug Receptable

Organic Fibre Plug®

Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp.

This tutorial will provide an overview of Mill-Max’s Organic Fibre Plug®, cover the assembly sequence for intrusive reflow soldering, and explain the features of OFP® Pass Through Sockets.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingAvailable Quantity
4015-0-67-80-30-27-10-0 datasheet linkCONN PIN RCPT .015-.025 SOLDER4015-0-67-80-30-27-10-0CONN PIN RCPT .015-.025 SOLDERCut Tape (CT)98779 - Immediate
4015-0-67-80-30-27-10-0 product page link
4280-0-67-80-16-27-10-0 datasheet linkCONN PIN RCPT .022-.034 SOLDER4280-0-67-80-16-27-10-0CONN PIN RCPT .022-.034 SOLDERCut Tape (CT)8614 - Immediate
4280-0-67-80-16-27-10-0 product page link
0479-0-67-80-34-27-10-0 datasheet linkCONN PIN RCPT .032-.046 SOLDER0479-0-67-80-34-27-10-0CONN PIN RCPT .032-.046 SOLDERCut Tape (CT)10872 - Immediate
0479-0-67-80-34-27-10-0 product page link
834-43-064-10-001000 datasheet linkCONN OFP SOCKET PASS THRU 64POS834-43-064-10-001000CONN OFP SOCKET PASS THRU 64POSBulk246 - Immediate
834-43-064-10-001000 product page link
835-43-072-10-001000 datasheet linkCONN OFP SOCKET PASS THRU 72POS835-43-072-10-001000CONN OFP SOCKET PASS THRU 72POSBulk0835-43-072-10-001000 product page link
9873-0-67-80-02-27-10-0 datasheet linkCONN PIN RCPT .040-.050 SOLDER9873-0-67-80-02-27-10-0CONN PIN RCPT .040-.050 SOLDERCut Tape (CT)09873-0-67-80-02-27-10-0 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-01