IC IRDA STD Controller 20SSOP

Wireless Communication with IrDA® Standard Protocol

Microchip Technology

This tutorial will introduce the IrDA protocol stack, the connection sequence, and the UART interface.  This module will also discuss why you should use infared, review typical applications for IrDA, review an IrDA Standard system including IrDA protocol stack, connection sequence, and Host UART interface.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingProtocolFunctionAvailable Quantity
MCP2150-I/SS datasheet linkIC IRDA STD CONTROLLER 20SSOPMCP2150-I/SSIC IRDA STD CONTROLLER 20SSOPTubeIRDA®Controller1652 - Immediate
MCP2150-I/SS product page link
MCP2150-I/SO datasheet linkIC IRDA STD CONTROLLER 18SOICMCP2150-I/SOIC IRDA STD CONTROLLER 18SOICTubeIRDA®Controller144 - Immediate
MCP2150-I/SO product page link
MCP2155-I/SO datasheet linkIC IRDA PROTOCOL CTRLR 18SOICMCP2155-I/SOIC IRDA PROTOCOL CTRLR 18SOICTubeIRDA®Controller33 - Immediate
MCP2155-I/SO product page link
MCP2150-I/P datasheet linkIC IRDA STD CONTROLLER 18DIPMCP2150-I/PIC IRDA STD CONTROLLER 18DIPTubeIRDA®Controller25 - Immediate
MCP2150-I/P product page link
MCP2140-I/SO datasheet linkIC IRDA CONTROLLR DTE/DCE 18SOICMCP2140-I/SOIC IRDA CONTROLLR DTE/DCE 18SOICTubeIRDA®Controller0MCP2140-I/SO product page link
MCP2140-I/P datasheet linkIC IRDA CONTROLLER DTE/DCE 18DIPMCP2140-I/PIC IRDA CONTROLLER DTE/DCE 18DIPTubeIRDA®Controller0MCP2140-I/P product page link
MCP2140-I/SS datasheet linkIC IRDA CONTROLLR DTE/DCE 20SSOPMCP2140-I/SSIC IRDA CONTROLLR DTE/DCE 20SSOPTubeIRDA®Controller0MCP2140-I/SS product page link
MCP2155-I/P datasheet linkIC IRDA PROTOCOL CTRLR 18DIPMCP2155-I/PIC IRDA PROTOCOL CTRLR 18DIPTubeIRDA®Controller0MCP2155-I/P product page link
MCP2155-I/SS datasheet linkIC IRDA PROTOCOL CTRLR 20SSOPMCP2155-I/SSIC IRDA PROTOCOL CTRLR 20SSOPTubeIRDA®Controller16 - Immediate
MCP2155-I/SS product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-28