Parallel Capacitance

mTouch Capacitive Touch Sensing

Microchip Technology

This tutorial describes sensor construction, discusses various components of the sensor's interface circuitry, and explains the logic behind the sensor's operation.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingTouchscreenResolution (Bits)Available Quantity
AR1011-I/SS datasheet linkIC CTLR TOUCH SENSE 20SSOPAR1011-I/SSIC CTLR TOUCH SENSE 20SSOPTube4, 5, or 8 Wire Resistive10 b641 - Immediate
AR1011-I/SS product page link
AR1010-I/SS datasheet linkIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-SSOPAR1010-I/SSIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-SSOPTube4, 5, or 8 Wire Resistive10 b867 - Immediate
AR1010-I/SS product page link
AR1010-I/ML datasheet linkIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-QFNAR1010-I/MLIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-QFNTube4, 5, or 8 Wire Resistive10 b234 - Immediate
AR1010-I/ML product page link
AR1011-I/ML datasheet linkIC CTLR TOUCH SENSE 20QFNAR1011-I/MLIC CTLR TOUCH SENSE 20QFNTube4, 5, or 8 Wire Resistive10 b29 - Immediate
AR1011-I/ML product page link
AR1010T-I/SS datasheet linkIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-SSOPAR1010T-I/SSIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-SSOPTape & Reel (TR)4, 5, or 8 Wire Resistive10 b0AR1010T-I/SS product page link
AR1010-I/SO datasheet linkIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-SOICAR1010-I/SOIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-SOICTube4, 5, or 8 Wire Resistive10 b0AR1010-I/SO product page link
AR1011-I/SO datasheet linkIC CTLR TOUCH SENSE 20SOICAR1011-I/SOIC CTLR TOUCH SENSE 20SOICTube4, 5, or 8 Wire Resistive10 b0AR1011-I/SO product page link
AR1010T-I/SO datasheet linkIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-SOICAR1010T-I/SOIC TOUCH SCREEN CTRLR 20-SOICTape & Reel (TR)4, 5, or 8 Wire Resistive10 b0AR1010T-I/SO product page link
AR1011T-I/SO datasheet linkIC CTRLR TOUCH SENSE 20SOICAR1011T-I/SOIC CTRLR TOUCH SENSE 20SOICTape & Reel (TR)4, 5, or 8 Wire Resistive10 b0AR1011T-I/SO product page link
AR1010T-I/ML datasheet linkIC TOUCH SCRREN CTRLR 20-QFNAR1010T-I/MLIC TOUCH SCRREN CTRLR 20-QFNTape & Reel (TR)4, 5, or 8 Wire Resistive10 b0AR1010T-I/ML product page link
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Eval Kits and Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMain PurposeAvailable Quantity
DV102012 datasheet linkKIT DEV TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLLERDV102012KIT DEV TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLLERInterface, Touch Screen Controller14 - Immediate
DV102012 product page link
DM330015 datasheet linkKIT STARTER MOTR CTRL DSPIC33EDM330015KIT STARTER MOTR CTRL DSPIC33EPower Management, Motor Control10 - Immediate
DM330015 product page link
DV102011 datasheet linkDEV KIT TOUCH SCREEN 7" 4-WIREDV102011DEV KIT TOUCH SCREEN 7" 4-WIRETouch Screen5 - Immediate
DV102011 product page link
AC243026 datasheet linkBOARD EVAL PIC24H MTOUCH CAPAC243026BOARD EVAL PIC24H MTOUCH CAPTouch, Capacitive7 - Immediate
AC243026 product page link
AC323027 datasheet linkBOARD EVAL PIC32 CAP TOUCH CTMUAC323027BOARD EVAL PIC32 CAP TOUCH CTMUTouch, Capacitive3 - Immediate
AC323027 product page link
BOARD EVAL PIC32 MTOUCHAC323026BOARD EVAL PIC32 MTOUCHTouch, Capacitive0AC323026 product page link
DM164125 datasheet linkBOARD DEMO PICDEM TOUCH SENSE 1DM164125BOARD DEMO PICDEM TOUCH SENSE 1Touch, Capacitive0DM164125 product page link
DM164128 datasheet linkKIT DEV PICDEM TOUCH SENSE 2DM164128KIT DEV PICDEM TOUCH SENSE 2Touch, Capacitive0DM164128 product page link
AC103003 datasheet linkBOARD DEMO PIC10F CAP TOUCHAC103003BOARD DEMO PIC10F CAP TOUCHTouch, Capacitive0AC103003 product page link
DM183026 datasheet linkKIT EVALUATION PIC16F/PIC24FDM183026KIT EVALUATION PIC16F/PIC24FTouch, Capacitive0DM183026 product page link
KIT DEV BOARD TOUCH PICDEMDM183027KIT DEV BOARD TOUCH PICDEMTouch, Inductive0DM183027 product page link
DM160211 datasheet linkKIT DEV MTOUCH PROJ CAPACITIVEDM160211KIT DEV MTOUCH PROJ CAPACITIVETouch, Capacitive0DM160211 product page link
DM183026-2 datasheet linkKIT EVAL MTOUCH CAPACTIVEDM183026-2KIT EVAL MTOUCH CAPACTIVETouch, Capacitive0DM183026-2 product page link
KIT ACCY METAL OVER CAPAC183026KIT ACCY METAL OVER CAPTouch, Capacitive0AC183026 product page link
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