MIC5365/66 Ultra-small LDO Regulators

Micrel Inc

This tutorial introduces and reviews the advantages of the new ultra-small LDO (low-dropout regulator) family, the MIC5365/66.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionRegulator TopologyVoltage - OutputAvailable Quantity
MIC5365-3.0YC5-TR datasheet linkIC REG LDO 3V 0.15A SC70-5MIC5365-3.0YC5-TRIC REG LDO 3V 0.15A SC70-5Positive Fixed3V10890 - Immediate
MIC5365-3.0YC5-TR product page link
MIC5365-3.3YC5-TR datasheet linkIC REG LDO 3.3V 0.15A SC70-5MIC5365-3.3YC5-TRIC REG LDO 3.3V 0.15A SC70-5Positive Fixed3.3V7958 - Immediate
MIC5365-3.3YC5-TR product page link
MIC5365-2.8YC5-TR datasheet linkIC REG LDO 2.8V 0.15A SC70-5MIC5365-2.8YC5-TRIC REG LDO 2.8V 0.15A SC70-5Positive Fixed2.8V3956 - Immediate
MIC5365-2.8YC5-TR product page link
MIC5365-1.8YD5-TR datasheet linkIC REG LDO 1.8V 0.15A TSOT23-5MIC5365-1.8YD5-TRIC REG LDO 1.8V 0.15A TSOT23-5Positive Fixed1.8V5315 - Immediate
MIC5365-1.8YD5-TR product page link
MIC5366-1.8YC5-TR datasheet linkIC REG LDO 1.8V 0.15A SC70-5MIC5366-1.8YC5-TRIC REG LDO 1.8V 0.15A SC70-5Positive Fixed1.8V14443 - Immediate
MIC5366-1.8YC5-TR product page link
MIC5365-1.0YC5-TR datasheet linkIC REG LDO 1V 0.15A SC70-5MIC5365-1.0YC5-TRIC REG LDO 1V 0.15A SC70-5Positive Fixed1V6129 - Immediate
MIC5365-1.0YC5-TR product page link
MIC5366-3.0YMT-TZ datasheet linkIC REG LDO 3V 0.15A 4TMLFMIC5366-3.0YMT-TZIC REG LDO 3V 0.15A 4TMLFPositive Fixed3V15995 - Immediate
MIC5366-3.0YMT-TZ product page link
MIC5366-2.0YC5-TR datasheet linkIC REG LDO 2V 0.15A SC70-5MIC5366-2.0YC5-TRIC REG LDO 2V 0.15A SC70-5Positive Fixed2V5039 - Immediate
MIC5366-2.0YC5-TR product page link
MIC5365-1.2YD5-TR datasheet linkIC REG LDO 1.2V 0.15A TSOT23-5MIC5365-1.2YD5-TRIC REG LDO 1.2V 0.15A TSOT23-5Positive Fixed1.2V0MIC5365-1.2YD5-TR product page link
MIC5365-2.85YD5-TR datasheet linkIC REG LDO 2.85V 0.15A TSOT23-5MIC5365-2.85YD5-TRIC REG LDO 2.85V 0.15A TSOT23-5Positive Fixed2.85V0MIC5365-2.85YD5-TR product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-01