MCP2210 Evaluation Kit

MCP2210 Evaluation Kit Overview

Microchip Technology

This training module will provide a brief overview of the MCP2210 Evaluation Kit from Microchip including a product description, board layout, and where to obtain additional support information.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
MCP2210-I/MQ datasheet linkIC CONVERTER USB-SPI 20-QFNMCP2210-I/MQIC CONVERTER USB-SPI 20-QFN1261 - Immediate
MCP2210-I/MQ product page link
ADM00419 datasheet linkBREAKOUT MODULE MCP2210ADM00419BREAKOUT MODULE MCP2210101 - Immediate
ADM00419 product page link
MCP2210-I/SS datasheet linkIC CONVERTER USB-SPI 20-SSOPMCP2210-I/SSIC CONVERTER USB-SPI 20-SSOP1188 - Immediate
MCP2210-I/SS product page link
MCP2210-I/SO datasheet linkIC CONVERTER USB-SPI 20-SOICMCP2210-I/SOIC CONVERTER USB-SPI 20-SOIC152 - Immediate
MCP2210-I/SO product page link
ADM00421 datasheet linkKIT EVALUATION MCP2210ADM00421KIT EVALUATION MCP221034 - Immediate
ADM00421 product page link
MCP2210T-I/SO datasheet linkIC CONVERTER USB-SPI 20-SOICMCP2210T-I/SOIC CONVERTER USB-SPI 20-SOIC0MCP2210T-I/SO product page link
MCP2210T-I/SS datasheet linkIC CONVERTER USB-SPI 20-SSOPMCP2210T-I/SSIC CONVERTER USB-SPI 20-SSOP0MCP2210T-I/SS product page link
MCP2210T-I/MQ datasheet linkIC CONVERTER USB-SPI 20-QFNMCP2210T-I/MQIC CONVERTER USB-SPI 20-QFN0MCP2210T-I/MQ product page link
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