IC Clock Synthesizer Fibre 8-TSSOP

High Bandwidth Product Overview

Microchip Technology

This training module will present an overview of high speed clock and data distribution products, value added features and benefits.  Additionally, it will cover low jitter clock synthesizers, performance comparison, and the parts available in the portfolio.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingTypeNumber of CircuitsAvailable Quantity
SY89833LMG datasheet linkIC CLK BUFFER 1:4 2GHZ 16MLFSY89833LMGIC CLK BUFFER 1:4 2GHZ 16MLFTubeFanout Buffer (Distribution), Translator11419 - Immediate
SY89833LMG product page link
SY89833ALMG datasheet linkIC CLK BUFFER 1:4 2GHZ 16MLFSY89833ALMGIC CLK BUFFER 1:4 2GHZ 16MLFTubeFanout Buffer (Distribution), Translator1788 - Immediate
SY89833ALMG product page link
SY54020RMG datasheet linkIC CLK BUFFER 1:4 2.5GHZ 16MLFSY54020RMGIC CLK BUFFER 1:4 2.5GHZ 16MLFTubeFanout Buffer (Distribution)1314 - Immediate
SY54020RMG product page link
SY54011RMG datasheet linkIC CLK BUFFER 1:2 3.2GHZ 16MLFSY54011RMGIC CLK BUFFER 1:2 3.2GHZ 16MLFTubeFanout Buffer (Distribution)1417 - Immediate
SY54011RMG product page link
SY54017ARMG datasheet linkIC MULTIPLEXER DUAL 1X1 16MLFSY54017ARMGIC MULTIPLEXER DUAL 1X1 16MLFTubeNetworking2:150 - Immediate
SY54017ARMG product page link
SY54020ARMG datasheet linkIC CLK BUFFER 1:4 3.2GHZ 16MLFSY54020ARMGIC CLK BUFFER 1:4 3.2GHZ 16MLFTubeFanout Buffer (Distribution)10SY54020ARMG product page link
SY58021UMG datasheet linkIC CLK BUFFER 1:4 4GHZ 16MLFSY58021UMGIC CLK BUFFER 1:4 4GHZ 16MLFTubeFanout Buffer (Distribution), Translator19 - Immediate
SY58021UMG product page link
SY54017RMG datasheet linkIC MULTIPLEXER DUAL 1X1 16MLFSY54017RMGIC MULTIPLEXER DUAL 1X1 16MLFTubeNetworking2:10SY54017RMG product page link
SY54023RMG datasheet linkIC CROSSPOINT SWITCH 2X2 16MLFSY54023RMGIC CROSSPOINT SWITCH 2X2 16MLFTubeCrosspoint Switch1 x 2:20SY54023RMG product page link
SY54016RMG-TR datasheet linkIC RCVR/LINE DVR CML LV 8-MLFSY54016RMG-TRIC RCVR/LINE DVR CML LV 8-MLFCut Tape (CT)Differential Receiver/Driver2.375 V ~ 2.625 V0SY54016RMG-TR product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-26