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Graphic QVGA Display Solutions

Microchip Technology

This tutorial will show the benefits of using Microchip's graphic QVGA solution and highlights some development tools available. This module will also address why implementing a graphics display is so beneficial to a design.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionBoard TypeAvailable Quantity
KIT EVAL ICD3 WITH EXPLORER 16DV164037KIT EVAL ICD3 WITH EXPLORER 16Evaluation Platform27 - Immediate
DV164037 product page link
AC164127-4 datasheet linkBOARD GRAPH DISPLAY 3.2 240X320AC164127-4BOARD GRAPH DISPLAY 3.2 240X320Displays, LCD Touch Screen4 - Immediate
AC164127-4 product page link
AC164127-7 datasheet linkBOARD DISPLAY CTLR PLUS S1D13517AC164127-7BOARD DISPLAY CTLR PLUS S1D13517Displays, LCD Controller7 - Immediate
AC164127-7 product page link
AC164127-8 datasheet linkBOARD GRAPH DISPLAY 5.7 640X480AC164127-8BOARD GRAPH DISPLAY 5.7 640X480Displays, LCD Touch Screen8 - Immediate
AC164127-8 product page link
AC164127-5 datasheet linkBOARD GRAPH LCD CNTLR PICTAILAC164127-5BOARD GRAPH LCD CNTLR PICTAILDisplays, LCD Controller6 - Immediate
AC164127-5 product page link
AC164127-3 datasheet linkBOARD DAUGHTER GRAPHIC PICTAILAC164127-3BOARD DAUGHTER GRAPHIC PICTAILDisplays, LCD Touch Screen2 - Immediate
AC164127-3 product page link
AC164127-6 datasheet linkBOARD 4.3" LCD TOUCH SCREENAC164127-6BOARD 4.3" LCD TOUCH SCREENDisplays, LCD Touch Screen0AC164127-6 product page link
AC164127-9 datasheet linkBOARD DEMO GRAPH TRULY7 800X480AC164127-9BOARD DEMO GRAPH TRULY7 800X480Displays, LCD Touch Screen0AC164127-9 product page link
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