I/O Expander

GPIO Expanders

Microchip Technology

This tutorial will introduce the different types and features of the GPIO Expanders.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
MCP23008-E/SOIC I/O EXPANDER I2C 8B 18SOIC3949 - Immediate
MCP23008-E/PIC I/O EXPANDER I2C 8B 18DIP1488 - Immediate
MCP23008-E/SSIC I/O EXPANDER I2C 8B 20SSOP4856 - Immediate
MCP23S08-E/SSIC I/O EXPANDER SPI 8B 20SSOP6059 - Immediate
MCP23017-E/SOIC I/O EXPANDER I2C 16B 28SOIC4279 - Immediate
MCP23017-E/SPIC I/O EXPANDER I2C 16B 28SDIP2632 - Immediate
MCP23S17-E/SOIC I/O EXPANDER SPI 16B 28SOIC6937 - Immediate
MCP23017-E/SSIC I/O EXPANDER I2C 16B 28SSOP3144 - Immediate
MCP23S17-E/SSIC I/O EXPANDER SPI 16B 28SSOP8088 - Immediate
MCP23017-E/MLIC I/O EXPANDER I2C 16B 28QFN14322 - Immediate
MCP23S17-E/MLIC I/O EXPANDER SPI 16B 28QFN1164 - Immediate
MCP23S08-E/PIC I/O EXPANDER SPI 8B 18DIP1965 - Immediate
MCP23S17-E/SPIC I/O EXPANDER SPI 16B 28SDIP342 - Immediate
MCP23X17EVBOARD EVAL FOR MCP23X175 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-07