IC MCU 16bit 4KB Flash 14TSSOP

Getting the Lowest Current Consumption from a PIC24F MCU

Microchip Technology

This module begins with a quick review of Microchip’s Extreme Low Power technology and different XLP modes and devices. From there, it will move to VBAT battery back up feature and PIC24FJ128GA310 family that features this. Finally, specific application examples and the development tools available for XLP will be covered.

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingCore ProcessorCore SizeAvailable Quantity
PIC24F04KA200-I/ST datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 14TSSOPPIC24F04KA200-I/STIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 14TSSOPTubePIC16-Bit4769 - Immediate
PIC24F04KA200-I/ST product page link
PIC24F04KL100-I/ST datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 14TSSOPPIC24F04KL100-I/STIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 14TSSOPTubePIC16-Bit1599 - Immediate
PIC24F04KL100-I/ST product page link
PIC24F04KA201-I/MQ datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 20QFNPIC24F04KA201-I/MQIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 20QFNTubePIC16-Bit1062 - Immediate
PIC24F04KA201-I/MQ product page link
PIC24F08KA101-I/MQ datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 8KB FLASH 20QFNPIC24F08KA101-I/MQIC MCU 16BIT 8KB FLASH 20QFNTubePIC16-Bit409 - Immediate
PIC24F08KA101-I/MQ product page link
PIC24F04KA201-I/SS datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 20SSOPPIC24F04KA201-I/SSIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 20SSOPTubePIC16-Bit770 - Immediate
PIC24F04KA201-I/SS product page link
PIC24F04KA200-I/P datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 14DIPPIC24F04KA200-I/PIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 14DIPTubePIC16-Bit144 - Immediate
PIC24F04KA200-I/P product page link
PIC24F04KL101-I/SS datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 20SSOPPIC24F04KL101-I/SSIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 20SSOPTubePIC16-Bit99 - Immediate
PIC24F04KL101-I/SS product page link
PIC24F04KL100-I/P datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 14DIPPIC24F04KL100-I/PIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 14DIPTubePIC16-Bit151 - Immediate
PIC24F04KL100-I/P product page link
PIC24F04KL101-I/MQ datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 20QFNPIC24F04KL101-I/MQIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 20QFNTubePIC16-Bit199 - Immediate
PIC24F04KL101-I/MQ product page link
PIC24F04KL101-I/P datasheet linkIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 20DIPPIC24F04KL101-I/PIC MCU 16BIT 4KB FLASH 20DIPTubePIC16-Bit0PIC24F04KL101-I/P product page link
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Eval Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
DM240314 datasheet linkBOARD DEV LCD EXPLORERDM240314BOARD DEV LCD EXPLORER2 - Immediate
DM240314 product page link
DM240311 datasheet linkBOARD DEV PIC24F16KA102 XLPDM240311BOARD DEV PIC24F16KA102 XLP0DM240311 product page link
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