IC DSC 16bit 64KB Flash 28QFNS

70 MIPS dsPIC33EP and PIC24EP Family Overview

Microchip Technology

This training module will provide an overview of the dsPIC33EP and PIC24EP family and present the key features. Target Markets, specific application examples and development boards that support this family will be highlighted.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingCore ProcessorCore SizeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
DSPIC33EP64MC202-I/MMIC DSC 16BIT 64KB FLASH 28QFNSTubedsPIC16-Bit1316 - Immediate
DSPIC33EP64MC206-I/PTIC DSC 16BIT 64KB FLASH 64TQFPTraydsPIC16-Bit1605 - Immediate
DSPIC33EP64GP504-I/PTIC DSC 16BIT 64KB FLASH 44TQFPTraydsPIC16-Bit1908 - Immediate
DSPIC33EP128MC206-I/PTIC DSC 16BIT 128KB FLASH 64TQFPTraydsPIC16-Bit847 - Immediate
DSPIC33EP512GP806-I/PTIC DSC 16BIT 512KB FLASH 64-TQFPTraydsPIC16-Bit974 - Immediate
DSPIC33EP512MC806-I/MRIC DSC 16BIT 512KB FLASH 64-QFNTubedsPIC16-Bit273 - Immediate
PIC24EP256GU810-I/PTIC MCU 16BIT 256KB FLASH 100TQFPTrayPIC16-Bit2731 - Immediate
PIC24EP256GU810-I/PFIC MCU 16BIT 256KB FLASH 100TQFPTrayPIC16-Bit775 - Immediate
DSPIC33EP512MU810-I/PTIC DSC 16BIT 512KB FLASH 100TQFPTraydsPIC16-Bit2722 - Immediate
PIC24EP512GU810-I/PTIC MCU 16BIT 512KB FLASH 100TQFPTrayPIC16-Bit1971 - Immediate
DSPIC33EP512MU810-I/PFIC DSC 16BIT 512KB FLASH 100TQFPTraydsPIC16-Bit1384 - Immediate
PIC24EP512GU810-I/PFIC MCU 16BIT 512KB FLASH 100TQFPTrayPIC16-Bit537 - Immediate
DSPIC33EP512MU814-I/PHIC DSC 16BIT 512KB FLASH 144TQFPTraydsPIC16-Bit432 - Immediate
DSPIC33EP512MU814-I/PLIC DSC 16BIT 512KB FLASH 144LQFPTraydsPIC16-Bit246 - Immediate
PIC24EP64GP204-I/PTIC MCU 16BIT 64KB FLASH 44TQFPTrayPIC16-Bit643 - Immediate
DSPIC33EP64MC204-I/PTIC DSC 16BIT 64KB FLASH 44TQFPTraydsPIC16-Bit363 - Immediate
DSPIC33EP64MC502-I/MMIC DSC 16BIT 64KB FLASH 28QFNSTubedsPIC16-Bit198 - Immediate
PIC24EP64GP206-I/PTIC MCU 16BIT 64KB FLASH 64TQFPTrayPIC16-Bit181 - Immediate
DSPIC33EP128MC204-I/PTIC DSC 16BIT 128KB FLASH 44TQFPTraydsPIC16-Bit418 - Immediate
DSPIC33EP64MC504-I/MLIC DSC 16BIT 64KB FLASH 44QFNTubedsPIC16-Bit198 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2013-01-23